Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It Didn't Have to Be This Way

I don't even have the appropriate words to describe how disgusted I was as I watched the latest episode of Basketball Wives. The level of plain wrongness was off the charts. And I hate to say that now I can see why some people were calling for a boycott. I'm not saying it's working, or that I'll stop watching. I'm just saying I can now understand why people would boycott this show. However, I do think that this episode could be a turning point for some, a mirror, you might say. Because, when we watch these shows, we automatically (and sometimes subconsciously) relate it to our own life and our own experiences. So, if just one person sees themselves in some of the behavior on the show and realizes that they need to make a change, maybe it's all worth it. But let's quit with the philosophizing (Zoolander reference) and talk about the episode.

On a side note - Tahiti is gorgeous and I want to go to there (30 Rock reference) immediately.

Tami: I feel the need to explain that the reason why I may have found your outbursts funny in the past is because my mom is very similar to you. I've seen the same facial expressions, I've heard the same tone of voice, and I've been on the receiving end of the same type of rants. There are definite similarities that I clearly relate to. The way you go off on people is nothing new for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't laughing this time around. You're still working on your anger management issues, and I think we can all agree that you have a long way to go (at least at the point when this episode was taped). This week, it wasn't just a verbal altercation with Kesha. That was a full on attack. And the sad thing is, she wasn't a threat to you at all. You just kept coming for her and coming for her and coming for her long after she had surrendered. I have to say that the alcohol was the catalyst for this terrible incident. The minute you all took shots, your whole demeanor changed, and it was like something inside you snapped. That's when it got scary. I know you already know this - and you've apologized on your Twitter account, which you've since deleted - but you were wrong. Taking Kesha's purse was totally wrong. She walked away to put distance between you, she wasn't leaving her purse there to be stolen by you or anyone else. And the fact that you went through her purse and her phone was just ridiculous. The way you spoke to her in her room was out of line, as well. It was a shame and a total disaster on your part. I hope that you will make some formal statement (maybe at the reunion?) so that you can repair some of this. There's no excuse for how you treated Kesha, not even the fact that she may have annoyed you. I'm glad you and Kesha are on better terms following your recent health problems. That's a start. I truly don't think you're the person we saw this week. Make a statement and let the public know what you're doing to make sure this never happens again. Tami's grade for the week: F (because there was no excuse for any of that).

Kesha: We're still getting to know you, and one thing we know is that you do not like confrontation. That's why you shut down and did not engage with Tami at all after she got so heated with you. I could almost pinpoint the moment where you decided to just give up. In a way, I wanted you to fight back, but then again, I can understand why you didn't. You know Tami has gotten physical with people in the past. You know that she was intoxicated. You know that she just doesn't like you. So, in all fairness, I'm pretty sure most of us would have done the same thing. Your major mistake was leaving your purse in your chair. Your other big mistake was saying anything personal to Suzie. She is not your friend. Run, don't walk. Seriously, you showed a lot of restraint, and even though some may say you were wrong to report your bag stolen, it's your bag, you can do whatever you want. And let's be real, you told the receptionist that someone had your things and you wanted them back. You didn't call the American Embassy or anything. I hate that you left the trip early, but there was nothing to stay for. I am glad you and Tami are ok now, like I said before, though. Hopefully her health scare was a turning point and the channel through which your friendship with her can finally blossom. You are strong in your own way, not with fists or yelling, but through quiet defiance, which is what we saw. You didn't give in to Tami, except to ask for your bag back like she wanted you to, which you did. Kesha's grade for the week: B (because you did the best you could in the situation, but you definitely could have stood up for yourself more).

Suzie: I can't even explain how mad I am at you. First of all, that whole situation could have been avoided if you would have kept your mouth shut. What Kesha said wasn't that serious. It wasn't even really a dig at Tami, when you really think about it. Kesha was just pointing out why she didn't engage in an argument with Tami. That's not your cue to go tell Tami every single thing Kesha said. And I have to question your motives. Do you really think it was that necessary to put that bug in Tami's ear when you know how much she can't stand Kesha? What were you trying to accomplish? Some things do not need to be said. Especially if it's not even that big of a deal. What did you think Tami was going to do with that information? I just think you're willing to kiss anyone's ass at this point. You wanted to be ok with Tami so you feed her whatever scraps of information you could find instead of leaving the bullsh*t at the door. And the stunt you pulled with Evelyn and Shaunie was wrong. It's so much more than a prank. Don't even try to play the prank card. Also, the room number that Tami got the room key for (425) did NOT match the room you all actually went to when you first went to scope out the place (408 or 409, I couldn't tell). Hmmmm!!!! I have no respect for you - and you're not a true friend to any of the women on the show. You're out for yourself, whether it befor camera time or just to get back in the circle. Good luck with that. Suzie's grade for the week: F (because she's running around causing unnecessary problems and that irks me).

Evelyn: I could tell you weren't 100% on board with what Tami was doing and saying, but you did nothing to stop it. Maybe you didn't want to be Tami's next target? I was glad to see you empathize with Kesha ... until I saw you participate in the "prank" in Kenya's room. That was low. And not funny. It's not a prank when all of you don't like the girl and there's nothing funny about it. You all were enjoying it a little bit too much, I'm just saying. And like I said before, it wasn't even the same room that Tami got the key for. So what was that about? I'm just really tired of you showing us you have a heart (crying with Kesha), just to turn around and be mean for no reason again. Which is it? Because at this point, it's so childish and obnoxious, it's not even funny. Evelyn's grade for the week: D (for being compassionate with Kesha but then immediately ruining it by being a mean girl).

Shaunie: The reason why people are so upset with you is because you went along with all the foolishness on this episode. You didn't stop the Tami tirade or the purse snatching, and you didn't put the kibash on the fish prank. You were wrong to stand there and laugh while they shoved dead fish all over the room. That was not a prank by any means. And you were wrong to not escort Tami somewhere and sober her up and talk some sense into her before she totally demolished Kesha. I know these are all grown women and you're not their mother, but please. For the sake of your own show, reign them in a little bit here and there. You may think it's good tv at the time, but as we've all seen, it's not good for your show in the long run. You've made statements that your voice is finally being heard and that next season it'll be a more positive show, but that's what you said about this season. Stuff like this has no place on the show and you definitely don't need to be in the mix laughing about it as it happens. You knew Tami was wrong and I'm pretty sure you knew Evelyn and Suzie were wrong. Don't let these girls do this to your show. The show is already suffering, as are your cast members. Tami's deleted her Twitter account and Royce did the same last week (it's back up now). When are you going to step in and bring some order to the court? And tell us what's really going on with that whole room number mix up? Was that planned to go into Jenn's room instead of Kenya's??? Shaunie's grade for the week: D (for not stopping the madness when she most certainly could have).

Jennifer and Kenya - I'll deal with you ladies next week.

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