Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let's Be Real

It was a rip-roaring, hell of a time on the Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday night. Clearly, we all have our favorites and our biases, but I'm going to be as impartial as possible here. In all sincerity, I'm enjoying this season so far. There's drama between the ladies, but more importantly, there are big family issues happening as well. I think the family aspect is really going to save this season from becoming ugly. Not to say that there's not going to be ugliness between the women on the show, we've seen the previews for next week. But, if there's going to be a saving grace anywhere, it's gonna be that the families are each endearing and important to the audience.

Now, let's talk about the episode and break it all down.

Jacqueline: You said on the After Show on Watch What Happens Live this week and in your blog that the scene where Ashley leaves was heavily edited. They didn't show the loving goodbye that actually happened between you and Ashley. I did think it was odd that everyone was sort of distant, and I figured you had spoken to your daughter before she flew cross-country. So, thanks for clarifying that for us. I think we can all see that you were at the end of your rope, and this opportunity was your last hope for her. We're all rooting for you and your family to overcome this whole Ashley situation, and deep down, we're rooting for Ashley, too. Even though, sometimes, she makes it near impossible to like her. In Sunday's episode, she was definitely not handling things like she should have. Missing the flight to find snacks is no bueno. The scene with you looking at Ashley's baby photos was heart-breaking. It could not have been an easy decision to send her away, but like I said, you were out of options. You knew she was self-destructing and not doing anything to secure a job or any kind of tangible goal for herself. Your tears were justified, you were mourning losing your little girl. She's an adult who has to make her own choices now. I seriously doubt Ashley will look back at you with anything but love and admiration for doing the best you could to raise her the right way. As for having the get-together, I think it was nice that you included everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing how everything goes down with Teresa in the coming episodes, although it'll no doubt open up some ugly wounds for everyone involved. The fact that you two spoke recently and are taking "baby steps" to mend the friendship is comforting, but I'm not sure Teresa has really changed. Jacqueline's grade for the week: B (because I think at this point in the season, she was just doing her best to keep her sanity). 

Melissa: First of all, I'm friggin' jealous that you have a friggin' recording studio in your friggin' house. That is so cool. And second, that was a very nice song you recorded for your hubby. I think you two are in love and have a happy marriage and family life. Anyone who sees something different, please enlighten me. I think you and Joe truly love each other and it doesn't seem to be about how much money he has. Sounds like you two went through a hard time financially, and got through it. So, mazel to you. Now, I have to give you props for your "take one for the team" comment. Bingo! Yes! That's exactly what it was. Teresa's "jokes" at everyone else's expense served one and only one purpose - to sell books. Boom. Done and done. You are definitely on my good side this season. Keep calling it like you see it, girl. Melissa's grade for the week: A (for telling it like it T-I-is). 

Caroline: I saw you getting some static for taking Lauren to the weight loss specialist. I wish someone would have taken me to one ... anyway, let's not get into that. 30, here I come, and I'm gonna be in shape when I see you! But I digress. Here's the thing, if you hadn't taken Lauren to get help with her weight loss, people would hate on you, too. So, you can't win. Some people just can't take you. I can. I think you were as gentle about the topic as necessary, but you were honest about it. I don't think we need to hear about how small you are anymore, but that's just me. You were smart to stay quiet while Teresa gave her apology/announcement, you've already said you're letting it go, and that you're keeping your distance. Fair enough. Caroline's grade for the week: B (because I can see why people are irritated with her, but give her a break already). 

Kathy: You know I want you to adopt me, right? Who cares that I'm not a minor? Just kidding. But in all seriousness, you are an amazing mom. I love that you talk to your kids in a no-nonsense manner. Yes, Joey got an inappropriate email. But you nipped it in the bud and he knows that you're watching out for him. There are some crazy perverts out there. I just love how you're able to stand tall and know that regardless of the drama, you aren't contributing to it. You're not arguing, you're not fighting. You're letting things take their course. I do think Richie should quit rough-housing with Joe Giudice, though. That's for sure. Kathy's grade for the week: A (because she is my favorite. There. I said it).

Teresa: I read your blog, and please forgive me, but I cannot believe you wrote it. That is not you talking. And the fact that you used a gossip magazine to apologize to your cast mates just smacks of insincerity to me. Call them on the phone! Or better yet, don't apologize if you don't really think you did anything wrong. Because that's what it comes across as - on this episode, especially, and last week with Caroline - you know you have to apologize, but you really don't want to. It would almost be better if you said, "It was funny to me when I wrote it, and I used you all to sell books, and I don't care if you were offended by it." At least, then, we could say, "Hey, at least she owned it." I do admire you for stepping up and writing these books to support your family. I think you're determined and focused when it comes to taking care of your girls, and that, I applaud one hundred percent. It's the attitude you display with the rest of the cast that I have a problem with. If you would quit being defensive and just bring that wall down, I think you would get an entirely different response from people. I've said it before and I'll say it again, your problem is Joe Giudice. I think your whole struggle stems from that man. I'm glad he's stepped up with the kids, but let's be real. He is not exactly helping you get along with other people. It's like he wants you to fight with everyone because in reality, HE wants to fight with everyone. Something is definitely not right there. Teresa's grade for the week: C (because I liked that she apologized, but I don't think she was sincere about it).

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