Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Video Girls

I usually don't blog about VH1's Love & Hip Hop, because I don't watch it regularly. But I have seen many episodes from this season and last season. Last night's episode was so crazy, I really do need to address it.

There was a fight that may rival all other VH1 reality show fights - which is really saying something. It really wasn't the physicality of the fight that made it so major, but the pure unadulterated hate that set it off.

Video girl Kimbella, who hasn't made too many friends with her slutty-esque past, and video girl Erica, who isn't making any new friends with her shitty attitude, got into it in a big way. Yandy and Teairra were also there, but only as spectators. There has to be some unfinished business between Kimbella and Erica. The only explanation Erica can give for why she hates Kimbella so much is that Erica is paid to be a video ho and Kimbella does it for free. So Kimbella essentially makes Erica's job obsolete. I see the logic, Erica, but I don't understand where throwing drinks, pulling hair, and scratching each other's face comes into the picture.

It was so ugly, Kimbella, Yandy, and Teairra fled the scene and Erica called the cops. Now that's a first! The person who started the drama actually called the cops - for what reason, exactly, I have no idea.

This Erica girl needs to watch it. Her first scene in the restaurant with Yandy was actually fun. She's cute, funny, and can throw shade, but this fight was too much. I think she may be trying to be the Tami Roman of Love & Hip Hop, but this stunt just made her super unlikable, and made Kimbella look a lot better to the general viewing public. Can we say, "backfire"?!

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