Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And the Winner is ...

The last two episodes of Glee were so great!! And I'm not talking about tonight's episode - that blog will be up tomorrow.

Overall, I'm loving the direction the show is going in. I feel like it's giving us a lot of options for plotlines in the future, and possibly spinoffs, which would be awesome as well.

Rachel got caught trying to rig the election for class president in Kurt's favor, and as a result, is banned from performing at Sectionals. Brittany wins the election after all, by the way.

Santana comes out to her parents, who accept it, but she doesn't get such a good reaction from her Abuela - who I'm still convinced is modeled after George Lopez's grandmother. Santana is still a mean girl, but since coming out, she's not completely evil. Now she just throws out clever insults and then laughs about it and holds hands with Brittany.

Quinn tries to seduce Puck, but he tells her he slept with Shelby instead. And can I just say, Puck and Shelby do make a cute couple. Quinn takes this information and plans to get Shelby fired with it. There's an awesome confrontation scene between them, and Rachel even gets into the mix.

Sectionals are here, and the Trouble Tones are the favorites to win. But I have to point out, New Directions sang three songs! Three! I won't ruin the ending for you, but I'm sure you can guess who won.

I can't wait for tonight's episode!! What do you think of Glee? Tweet me!