Friday, December 2, 2011


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are the exact opposite of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I couldn't be more grateful. While I love both shows, they balance each other out perfectly. Where Beverly Hills can get a little too Shi Shi Shi, Atlanta brings the realness.

And when I say realness, I mean ridiculous situations that make you glad you live a normal, boring life without cameras taping every dumb thing you say and do along with 4 or 5 other crazy ladies. For example, Phaedra apologizes to Kim for the baby shower disaster between her husband Apollo and Cynthia's husband Peter. Kim doesn't seem to really want to accept the apology, but since she rarely ever gets one, she kind of has to. Sheree's dream home is not coming along so well, and Phaedra decides the contractor needs a glimpse at her self-proclaimed "donkey booty" to get the job done. If only it were that easy.

Cynthia brings her husband and her sister together to resolve their issues with each other - after all, her sister did suggest hiding the marriage license ON THEIR WEDDING DAY. But, who's keeping score? Obviously, that wasn't going to go well. Peter is not a sensitive, new age, touchy-feely, kumbaya type of man. He's the kind of man who will hold a grudge and not apologize for it. And let's be real, what man wouldn't be offended about that?

Kandi celebrates her 35th birthday at a very nice party with all of her friends - even the ones who don't speak to each other - and all goes well. Until Phaedra brings out her present for Kandi, "the infamous Ridiculous"! Now, I have to admit, this whole scene was hilarious to me. The variety of reactions from the party guests just tickled me. But had I been there, I probably would have left the party, too. Phaedra should have introduced Mr. Ridiculous and then invited those who were obliged to see his performance to another room or another location all together. Then, the ones who didn't want to participate would have at least had a choice. And Mama Joyce was not amused at all. I don't blame her, even though she and Kandi are open about strippers and other taboo topics, this was just too much for her. But she shouldn't have taken it out on Kandi, when the culprit, Ms. Phaedra, was right there!

And what was up with Mr. Ridiculous' face? Was that makeup around his eye or a Tyson-esque tattoo?

Nene and Greg had relations, which surprised me. I thought Nene had moved on. I don't know how I feel about her taking Greg back. After all, he did that horrible interview about her - it's a tough situation to read at this point.

Rebecca Romijn and her goofy husband were on Watch What Happens Live, and I enjoyed their enthusiasm, even though I don't totally agree with everything they say.