Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seeing White

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been serving up some GOOD drama lately, and last night's episode was no exception. I'm going with the advice column format again, so please let me know how you like it.

Kyle: Your White Party was stunningly beautiful, that goes without saying. I really saw you break down last night when faced with the idea of turning away Taylor, who seems to be falling apart herself. I can only imagine that you didn't want to hurt her more by telling her she couldn't come into the party, and thereby possibly breaking an already fragile woman in the process. However, you came at the situation in the wrong way. Like Chris Colfer said on Watch What Happens Live, you could have given Taylor a heads up about Camille being there and asked them both to steer clear of each other to avoid drama. I think you were pressured, not only by Adrienne and Lisa, but by Mauricio and Paul, to not allow Russell and Taylor into the party. As you feared, it didn't end well, and you were probably the one most hurt of them all. Kyle's grade for the week: B.

Adrienne: You were visibly and audibly terrified that you would be next to receive a threatening email from Russell, and I can understand why you would be. You have businesses and assets to protect, not to mention the ugliness of a situation like that. You were so adamant that Taylor knew about Russell's email, I have to assume that you have also tired of Taylor's inconsistent stories and unpredictable behavior. You got your way, Taylor was sent home, and you seemed beyond relieved. Usually, you're the peacemaker, but last night, you and Paul took a stand and didn't back down. I just wonder if you regret the way it came across in hindsight. Adrienne's grade for the week: C.

Lisa: I'd give you extra points just for letting us spend more time with Kevin Lee (still my boyfriend), but that wouldn't be fair. But I did enjoy your wedding-band-tryout scene. That was fun. At the White Party, you were pro-sending-Taylor-and-Russell-home, but you weren't as pushy about it, in my opinion. You did bring up the fact that Russell had sent you an email threatening to sue you first, a couple of times, actually, but no one quite reacted to that. I loved your reaction to Kim coughing in your face, which was quite disgusting. I would have tolerated you smacking her in the face, but we all know you're too classy for that. Lisa's grade for the week: B.

Camille: The drama was centered around you, but you couldn't have looked more calm. I really don't think you would have started anything with Russell or Taylor at the White Party, but you were the perfect card for Adrienne to play so that she could get Kyle to disinvite Taylor to the party. You seemed to be just fine, almost unaware that three of your castmates were in a tizzy over your email from Russell. I think if Kyle would have spoken to you, you would have told her to let Taylor and Russell in, and you would have kept your distance. And I think you would have made your friend Dedra keep her nose out of your business this time. Camille's grade for the week: A.

Kim: Oh, Kim. You're just out of control, aren't you? I don't think you took Paul's advice about reconsidering your prescriptions. In fact, you seem even more hopped up, if that's possible. Your talk with your daughters about keeping the drama to themselves really would have been useful for you at the White Party. I don't even mind you bringing your new man to the party, even though he was kind of awkward and didn't stop you from making a complete ass out of yourself. You seemed hell-bent on confronting Brandi, and you did just that. I gotta say, that scene made me laugh but not because it was funny, but because it was so cringey. Instead of quitting while you were ahead (somewhat), you just kept going and going and going. You became a 7th grade bully, and it wasn't pretty on you. I'm glad you checked yourself into rehab, because you seem like a good person - this just wasn't your night. Kim's grade for the week: F.

Brandi: Kyle didn't uninvite you, even though you two had a slap-a-thon at "your" house in Malibu on the last episode. I kind of admire your ability to bounce back after altercations with these women. The only nut you haven't cracked yet is Kim, and I gotta tell ya, you probably never will. I agree that your language is unnecessarily vulgar at times, and you get a little messy when you drink, but you have won me over to a certain extent. You handled Kim better than you have in the past, you let her vent, but you didn't take too much abuse from her. You said your piece and you thought she'd say hers and move on. But you have to remember who you're dealing with. You were wrong to say she was on meth at the game night, but you were right tonight in saying she has substance abuse issues. And thank you for bringing Jennifer Gimenez to the White Party because I love to just watch her face while all this craziness unfolds in front of her. Brandi's grade for the week: A.

Dana: I actually remembered you were in this episode, so that's a plus. However, your constant pandering and butt-kissing is insufferable. Oh, and you show off more than I did when I was 7 years old when my mom's friends would come over. Which is A LOT. I think you could be fun to hang out with, but your desperation is a major turn off. Calm the eff down, lady. Dana's grade for the week: D.

Taylor: I saved you for last for a reason. You were surprisingly subdued this week, which I suspect has something to do with being in your husband's presence the entire show. I understand you were still trying to keep a lid on the pot that was boiling over, as you put it on Watch What Happens Live. Your response to being kicked out of a party you hadn't even entered yet was heart-breakingly calm, but there was a sadness and anger just below the surface that I saw when you smiled and told Kyle to enjoy her party. I think you had to play the part of the adoring wife just back from a lovely Vegas holiday with her husband, and to get such a negative reception at the party (that your closest friend was throwing) had to be slap in the face. No pun intended. When you and your husband got in the limo, and Kyle was pleading her case, I feel you were still playing the part you felt you had to play. I've been tough with you this whole season, but I'm giving you some slack this week, because I can't even imagine how angry I'd be if I were in your shoes in this episode. Oh, and Jennifer from Basketball Wives called, she's pissed off that you stole her peacock earrings. Come on, you know I had to say it. Taylor's grade this week: B.

Watch What Happens Live was a Glee-ful spectacular, with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer. The show was a lot of fun, and both guests are obviously Housewives fans. In fact, Nene is going to make an appearance on Glee! Bloop bloop! Lea revealed on the After Show that she wants to marry Albie from the Jersey franchise, which I totally cosign on. Check out the After Show here. This was the last WWHL of the season. and starting January 8th, we'll get to hang out with Andy Cohen five nights a week! I can't wait!

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