Friday, December 2, 2011

Two for the Price of One

I am so sorry this blog is so late. Life has been exponentially more stressful the last few weeks, and that's in no way an excuse, but merely an explanation, so please forgive me.

Last week, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, some major drama unfolded. My thoughts about the end of the tea party are simple, Camille finally laid everyone's cards out on the table and stormed out, which infuriated Taylor because that was supposed to be her shtick. Taylor continued her childish behavior at her daughter's country-fair-inspired birthday party, by harassing the party rental guys and flirting with an American Idol reject. Seriously, what the hell was up with Ace? How could he have gotten creepier over the last few years? Because he definitely has. Adrienne got caught up in the tantrum epidemic by being offended that Pandora's engagement party in Vegas will not take place at her hotel. Since when does Adrienne have dibs on every event in Vegas? Even if Lisa wanted the party to be at the Palms, it's ultimately Pandora's decision. Maybe there was a reason she'd rather do it at Planet Hollywood?

Ellen Barkin and Andrew Rannells were absolutely charming on Watch What Happens Live that night. Ellen is one cool lady.

So let's jump into this week. My boyfriend, Kevin Lee, is front and center with some over the top wedding preparations. Did I mention that I love him? Because I do. Adrienne is organizing a charity event along with her show line and I really couldn't follow how those two things are related, but apparently they are. The scenes with Taylor, Russell, and their therapist were just unsettling. I think I've used that word (unsettling) every single time I reference a scene with Russell in it, so please forgive the repetition. It's just so sad. They seem to make progress at their session, but it's a very shallow progress. Like they're just barely understanding how to speak to each other, and not even close to resolving the real issues. I must say, Lisa's impersonations are so hilarious and accurate, she may need to take the act on the road. The cotton candy scene was priceless.

Adrienne's fashion show was pretty, but definitely uncomfortable. It seemed that at every turn, someone had beef with someone else. Ce la vie in Beverly Hills?

One of my all time favorite funny ladies, Kristen Johnston was on Watch What Happens Live with Brad Goreski, formerly of the Rachel Zoe Project. Both of them have new shows coming out soon. Kristen is one of the most hilarious WWHL guests of all time, and my only gripe is that she isn't on the show more. Please, Andy, more Kristen, please.