Friday, December 2, 2011

Make Room for Gaga

I know Thanksgiving is officially over and done with, but I finally watched A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, and so I must share some thoughts with you ...

The look of the special was really classic and beautiful. I love it when Gaga goes glam. She performed The Lady is a Tramp with Tony Bennett, complete with scatting and jazzy flair. I love them performing together. Such an odd couple on paper, but once the music starts, it works.

Gaga doing arts and crafts with the kids is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

She performed Born This Way and You and I - the latter was really intense at one point, which was a little weird, but that's what I love about Gaga. No matter what she's going to look like, or how uncomfortable it may make some people feel, she's going to perform the hell out of her song, and more than likely, you'll end up loving it.

Her performance of The Edge of Glory was very poignant, given that it was dedicated to her late grandfather. The love story between her grandparents is sweet and innocent, the kind of love story we just don't have enough of anymore. Gaga has a cooking segment, which is just an amusing concept in and of itself. Apparently, she loves to cook. One of the many personal details we didn't know about her before this special.

In all white, Gaga performs a jazz rendition of White Christmas, and adds her own second verse. Her makeup is flawless, and this look may just be my favorite of the entire show. The next song is Orange Colored Sky, another jazzy tune, and her voice is mesmerizing. I love that she gets to show her range - hopefully kids will see it's cool to be multitalented.

For her performance of Hair, Gaga sits at a piano in what looks like an empty parlor surrounded by candles. It's all very Beethoven-ish. Gaga shouts out her fans, and thanks them for making her brave, urging them to remember that when they feel bullied, she's fighting for them. The song is so beautiful and reminds me of how I used to feel in high school. "I just want to be me" ...

Gaga turns it out for the Bad Romance number, and this for me was the highlight of the special - performance-wise. The dancing along with her killer vocals - while eating! - just made it super satisfying. I love that there are people eating their dinners while Gaga is doin' the damn thing.

Now, for the interview with Katie Couric. I have to say, there wasn't much in this interview that I didn't know before, except that Gaga's dad is opening a restaurant. I did love it when Gaga talked about keeping her love life private and then immediately jumped up to say hi to Sister Bayo, a former teacher of hers. I also enjoyed when she talked about where Marry the Night came from - the moment when she decided to be totally devoted to her musical career. We got a sneak peek of the video, and although the full video premiered tonight on E!, I still haven't seen it. I'm sure it's wonderful, though.

Gaga is an inspiration to me - and for that, I'm thankful.