Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland on FOX

Tuesday night, FOX gave us their Glee and New Girl Christmas episodes. I'll blog about them together, since they were a perfect pairing for us viewers. 

On Glee, Artie embraced his director side and put on an old school holiday television spectacular, in black and white, and bubbling with 50s era kitsch. Rachel and Finn discovered the true meaning of Christmas (spoiler: it's not jewelry), and Sue Sylvester's heart grew a little. We also saw Sam and Rory's friendship blossom, I think we're witnessing a bonafide bromance, here. 

New Girl was super cute, complete with Schmidt in a sexy Santa costume. Jess has trouble with her boyfriend after he declares his love for her, and as always, Nick is there to make Jess smile in the end. I love the back and forth with Jess and Nick, don't you? Oh and Winston might be the perfect babysitter. 

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