Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Went to Stanford and Other Defense Tactics

On a special Tuesday night episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the big story is Sheree's child support battle with her ex husband, former NFL player Bob Whitfield. I'm going to go on a tangent here, so stay with me.

First, Sheree has been talking about not getting child support since SEASON ONE. For someone who is so no-nonsense, who-gon-check-me-boo, and get-yo-muh-f*ckin-teef-fixed, she's REALLY gun shy about getting this child support that's supposedly owed to her. There may be a very simple reason behind this: reports are out that Sheree defrauded Mr. Whitfield when it came to splitting up their assets at the time of their divorce. If this is the case, it would explain why Bob is so intent on not giving her a red cent. See the story here. (Thanks to

Now, if Sheree did take more than her fair share when the divorce happened, she had to have known that this would piss off her ex. That's the normal reaction in a bitter divorce: "You take my money in the divorce, guess what, you don't get anything else." I don't condone it, I'm just saying I understand it. Sheree isn't the most honest person, and she has had money issues in the past. Remember when her former lawyers took her brand new sports car as payment when she refused to pay? I'm sorry, that just speaks volumes to her character. Whether or not you win your case, pay your attorneys' fees, come on.

Bob is definitely immature. I mean, he actually stuck his tongue out at Sheree then skipped away outside the courthouse. But, as we heard 5 times, he went to Stanford. He does seem like a smart enough guy, although he's got one argument, and he's sticking to it: "She has money, so I'm not going to give her more. Done." Like I said, he's not incredibly mature or even well-mannered. But he knows Sheree's weak points, and he's going to exploit them as much as he can. Maybe that's what he majored in at Stanford?

Sheree has also painted herself into a corner. The mansion she's having built, the designer clothes, shoes, and bags, not to mention the brand new Porsche - all of these things suggest she's more than capable of providing for herself and her kids. This is definitely going to be a factor in court. Especially if some of her resources came directly from her ex, which she allegedly took without any legal right to do so.

It's almost as if she wants to have her cake and eat it, too. I couldn't agree with Kandi more when she said she had to just tell Riley's father to keep his money - and she started focusing on her own success and stopped trying to get him to do the right thing. In Kandi's situation, Riley's father isn't in her life at all. Kandi says that the court system in Atlanta is rigged against women, so she vindicated HERSELF, which is exactly what Sheree should be doing. Sheree's kids see their father, and I truly don't think he wants to deprive them of anything. I think he's making his point that Sheree already got her cut, essentially. I do think it's cowardly of him to intentionally not work and make less money on purpose. He shouldn't be content to downgrade just to teach Sheree a lesson. We're really just talking about two immature people who are both too stubborn to come to an agreement on such a serious issue.

I also understand why Sheree wants the child support - it's the law. Bob is required to pay child support. But if she wants him to do the right thing, she needs to do the right thing and either prove she took the assets legally or admit that she took them despite the divorce agreement. That way, at least, they could both come from an honest place and move forward on the same page. But Sheree has shown time and time again, she will not admit her wrongdoings.

I do feel for her in the courtroom - she's shaken and emotional, but I find it very difficult to believe that she didn't know what Bob was talking about and why he was bringing it up. Phaedra obviously didn't know, and should have grilled Sheree for not divulging this information sooner. And then, Sheree has the nerve to be upset with Phaedra for not having a comeback for Bob's motion??? Come on, Sheree, Phaedra is doing you a FAVOR representing you. You know your track record with lawyers. Phaedra, I'm glad you like that Porsche - you may be driving it soon. Oh, and I loved that Sheree was giving Phaedra's office the runaround with her check. That's the Sheree we know.

Phaedra is a lot more likable in this episode, partly because she's actually talking about something she knows. I take her a lot more seriously when she's in her element. And I'm not mad at her for giving Sheree a deal on her lawyers' fees. But Sheree better show a little more appreciation - that's all I'm saying.

And can someone PLEASE tell me what Sheree's JOB is? What does she do for a living? Where does she get her money from? Please, if someone knows, please tell me. Because that's also not helping her case - as far as I can tell all she does is work out, shop, and go to lunch. Nice work if you can get it.

Let's move on to Kim and the arrival of her new baby. I really don't even want to write about Kim because my opinion may upset some of you ... but I have to say it. She's the most crass, obnoxious, trashy woman on this show. I know, you're saying, "what about Nene?" Well, I've never seen Nene go on and on about her son's penis and curse like a sailor in front of her kids, parents, and baby's daddy. Kim is quite possibly the most annoying person on all the Housewives shows, and I'm putting her in the same category as Kelly Bensimon so that should tell you how I feel about her. I think it's the constant cussing and inappropriate language she uses. It's not even cute anymore. Then she has the nerve to tell her oldest daughter to help out more, as she's watching her assistant wash her wigs. Seriously? And those wigs are still hideous, by the way.

My major problem with Kim is her attitude - entitled, spoiled, and ungrateful. I can see Kroy slowly waking up in each episode. Yes, she really is like this all the time. No, she's not going to change. Yes, she really does talk like that with her parents in the room. Oh, and her dad is a little too talkative about breast feeding. Just saying.

I do feel bad for Brielle, Kim's oldest. She's clearly not happy with this whole new family situation. I can only hope she looks at it for what it is, her mom is dependent on a man for her happiness, and that's how she's always been. If not Kroy, then Big Papa, or someone else. Please learn from your mom's mistakes, Brielle, and don't turn into her. I'm begging you.

Sorry if that sounded mean, but Kim literally makes me sick to my stomach. I've never seen a woman so up her own ass. Oy.

We saw some more of Charles Grant and Marlo Hampton, and I'm not impressed by either one of them. I am glad Charles clarified that he and Nene did not have a relationship. So, that's settled. Next week, more Phaedra/Sheree drama and Cynthia has a bash for her modeling agency opening.

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