Monday, December 12, 2011

Anatomy of a Meltdown

Last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was so disturbing, I almost don't even want to blog about it. Who am I kidding?

Let's start with Brandi's party. I'm glad she decided on belly dancing instead of the other theme she was considering. Bravo probably told her they wouldn't be able to show it on cable tv at 9 pm, so a change was definitely necessary. The party was going along fairly well, with awkward hellos and lots of drinks. Did you catch Jennifer Gimenez from VH1's Sober House? I'm so glad she wasn't involved in any of the drama.

Kyle pulled out her splits again (which she says will be the last time we see them this season), and Brandi says Kyle always has to have the attention on her. And you're surprised by this, Brandi? You're all on a reality show. All of you want attention to some degree. But I can admit, although I am a Kyle fan, she does seem to be trying very hard to be in the spotlight and the center of attention. So if Brandi is annoyed by it, so be it.

Taylor is a mess - from the moment she walks into the party, she's just not well. Unfortunately, they serve her alcohol, which has been a catalyst for her meltdowns in the past. Camille's friend Dedra decides to play Dr. Phil and mend the relationship between Camille and Taylor. Taylor flips out. I really don't understand why Dedra would even bother in that kind of a setting. The only explanation I can come up with is that she was tipsy and the words just tumbled out of her mouth. Remember, this all happened after the belly dancing and drinking. No good can come of this. And it quickly devolves into utter chaos. Taylor screams and sobs and curses everyone out and it all seemed to come out of nowhere. Again, the alcohol was the major factor here.

I think the funniest moment of all is when a clearly drunk Brandi asks Taylor to leave "my house". It's not Brandi's house! But nice try! LOL! A mini slap (hand) fight ensues, and any progress these women have made quickly goes out the window. I also loved how Adrienne was covering up Taylor's mouth so she wouldn't say anything she'd later regret. I'm pretty sure Taylor regrets saying a lot this season. It's so sad that she's so unlikable, because if it were any other housewife, we'd all be rooting for her instead of being exasperated with her. Not that I don't feel bad for what she was going through at the time, but she chose to present herself and do things in such a way that while I'm watching the show, makes me not like her very much. I apologize if that seems mean. I hope Taylor's in a much better place emotionally and mentally now.

And can we talk about the cigarette action at the end? TOO MUCH.

My boyfriend, Kevin Lee was on the show again and he definitely made me laugh. We needed that on this episode. Lisa didn't attend the belly dancing party, thank goodness, and I loved her and Ken's scenes in this episode. They are too cute.

On the After Show, Taylor was on as the sole guest, hawking her book. I just think it's too soon and in poor taste. How long did it take her to write the book? Or had she been writing it while pretending her marriage was improving? Do you see what I mean? Just not likable. But let me know if you agree or disagree. Are you going to read her book? Andy was a little tough on Taylor, especially when she lied about what her original opinion of the night's poll was. That's what I love about Andy. He's fair, at least in my opinion.

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