Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RuPaul's All Star Drag Race & Untucked - Smile Now, Cry Later

This week's RuPaul's All Star Drag Race and Untucked were really great this week. This show just gets better and better. If you don't watch, or haven't watched, number one: what's wrong with you, and number two: it's gonna be ok. Just click here. This week, the queens participated in a newlywed game called In Da Butt Ru (LOL), a Gaff In (think Laugh In), and a swingin' 60's runway extravaganza. I'll get into Untucked later. The guest judges were the hilarious Vicki Lawrence and the adorable Busy Phillips.

Let's talk about how the teams are holding up.

Team Shad: Chad and Shannel werked it on In Da Butt Ru. Were they ever more than just friends? From the looks of it, maybe! I kid, I kid. As for the Gaff In, I loved Chad's Bette Davis! Spot f*cking on!! And I really liked Shannel's Lucille Ball. I thought Shannel had the mannerisms and voice down. I'm not sure why some of the judges weren't impressed, but I was. Their runway looks were great, although I was wondering what has up with Shannel's contouring. Was it just me or did it look way too dark? Anywhoo, Team Shad is safe and they are on the upswing for sure. On Untucked, Chad's father, who she hasn't spoken to in 25 years, sent her a video to say he loves her and is proud of her. Tears of joy! This prompted the other ladies to talk about their own dads. It was emotional and made us viewers love these queens even more.

Team Latrila: After realizing they don't know much about each other on In Da Butt Ru, they had a nice conversation about their backgrounds. Who knew Manila was thisclose to marrying a girl? But that girl is the greatest, because she forced Manila out of the closet and because of that, Manila met Sahara. It was so nice to see Sahara's beautiful face on the show. So, for Gaff In, Manila was Madonna (dead ringer) and Latrice was Oprah (not so much). But they're jokes worked for the most part. Latrice was clearly nervous - which reminded me of the sitcom challenge back in Season 4. But they pulled through and did great on the runway in their 60's inspired looks. I thought Manila's look was campy, but Michelle clocked her over-use of white liner. I loved how Manila laughed it off, though. As I said before, Untucked was extremely emotional, as we found out that Latrice has a very painful past with her father. Team Latrila was in the bottom 2, and Latrice did the lipsynch for her team and pulled out the victory. Latrice, Manila, you two better werk next week!!

Team Rujubee: These two Season 2 queens won In Da Butt Ru which is no surprise, these two really are sisters. The prize? Pies in the face! I love it! Raven decided to be Bea Arthur for Gaff In, which I was totally psyched for, and Jujubee was Fran Drescher. Fran turned out to be the better choice, and Bea was less than stellar. I was so disappointed. Their runway looks were flawless, though. They looked SO adorable. I am still Team Rujubee and I can't wait for these two to own the next challenge. Step it up!!!

Team Yarlexis: Coming in probably a close second on In Da Butt Ru, Yara and Alexis showed that they are super duper close. I love their dynamic. They chose to be Charo (Yara) and Shakira (Alexis). Now, I didn't like the shade Alexis threw at my girl Shakira (goat voice, really?), but hey she's not the first or the last to hate on her. Alexis really did a great job on the look, but for all the talk about the voice, she didn't bring it to Gaff In at all! Yara, on the other hand, did Charo the house down! The look, the voice, the energy, everything. It was spectacular. And their jokes hit the mark. As for the runway, they looked like a sort of mother/daughter a la Hairspray Edna/Tracy Turnblad - but much slimmer, of course. Yara was the fun, flirty 60's party girl, while Alexis was the elegant, buttoned up Jackie O type. They won the main challenge, which I was very happy about. These two may just give Rujubee a run for their money. On Untucked, Yara had a breakdown thinking about her father and the fact that her family doesn't really talk about or acknowledge her lifestyle. Stay strong, Yara, we love you.

Team Brown Flowers: Tammie was in rare kookoo form this week. She and Nina were deliciously out there during In Da Butt Ru, and it didn't stop there. They didn't know who each other's celebrity was for Gaff In, which was not a good sign. Nina was Latin legend La Lupe  which I absolutely loved (and she did such a good job!). Tammie was none other than Tammy Faye Bakker/Messner, and although she had the look down, that was pretty much all she gave to the character. Not sure why Tammie didn't go bigger with the impersonation. On the runway, Nina gave us a classic look from Season 1 that worked very well for this challenge, and Tammie wore ... a red dress. There was nothing 60's about it! Except maybe the bell sleeves? I don't know. Michelle Visage critiqued Tammie, and as we saw on Untucked, Tammie fought back. Quite aggressively, I might add, clocking Michelle's makeup application. I know it must be hard to be judged challenge after challenge, but I think Tammie just wants to do her own thing and doesn't like to hear any critiques about it, period. Which is fine, but you're on a competition reality show. So, that really doesn't work. It was no surprise when Team Brown Flowers landed in the bottom 2. Tammie did the lipsynch with Latrice and could not win against her. I was so happy to see Nina and Tammie did not have hard feelings about going home and their bond seemed stronger than ever. Love you Nina and Tammie! You are both legends!!

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