Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RHONY Lost Footage - Where's The Drinks?

I have to say, the Lost Footage episode of Real Housewives of New York was kind of ... boring. I'm being honest, so I have to tell it like it is. It wasn't that great! There were no particularly special moments, but there were a few that were just ok. If anything, they fleshed out some storylines, but that's about it. I think these Lost Footage episodes should be reserved for only the craziest/most controversial moments that we don't get to see the entirety of in the regular season. For example, show the entirety of the Aviva shouting match in St. Barts. That's a perfect example, since that scene was chopped and diced up on the original episode.

Anywhoo, let's get to the scenes. I don't have much to say about them, so don't be mad at me for being brief (for once in my life).

Scene 1: Aviva tells Ramona about her prosthetic leg in front of Sonja and Carole. I thought we saw this already? I guess not, but Ramona gave us the same exact reaction as we saw in the shoe store. Nothing new here.

Scene 2: Carole with her neighborhood mail guy, Lenny. This scene was SO Sex & The City/Carrie Bradshaw to me. Carole is Carrie Bradshaw here and I loved it.

Scene 3: Sonja's date with Richard. Um, barf. The whole thing was one big gross out for me. Don't get me wrong, I like that Sonja is flirty and fun, but there's something about the guys that she goes out with that just ... doesn't agree with me. Richard seemed like a nice enough guy, but did he really have to talk about how cute their kids would be? I think not. I did love it when Sonja told him she has to keep some things behind closed doors and then proceeded to tell him she was going to shit her pants. Classic Sonja.

Scene 4: Reunion clip about Harry Dubin. Why are we still talking about this guy? And why is Sonja so upset that Heather said he told her he slept with her and Luann? It's the truth and Luann and Sonja both said it, so why is it so unbelievable that Harry said it. And to be fair, Heather heard Harry tell someone else that. Bottom line, the words came out of his mouth. Who f*cking cares?

Scene 5: Luann's meeting with the apparel company. Did you do any preparation for this meeting at all, Luann? Seriously! You were stuttering and stammering like you had no idea what you were doing there. Nothing was accomplished at this meeting and you still don't have an apparel line in stores. Enough said.

Scene 6: Aviva confides in Carole about her mom's alcoholism. I really think this should have been part of the actual season, because it sets up Aviva's aversion to Sonja and Ramona's partying. She explained most of this on the reunion, but it could have given insight during the season as well. Carole was right when she said Aviva's history with her mom explains all the phobias and controlling behavior.

Scene 7: Speaking of Aviva, we're back on the reunion talking about George getting 86'd from Ramona's charity event. Heather was totally right when she said Aviva should have just sent in the check, and George should have never showed up there. And it's true there were no security guards escorting him out, it was a waiter - and it was actually Carole who walked him out after all. Aviva maintains that she never would have treated any of the other ladies' family members that way, but really, when is that ever gonna happen? But, nice sentiment, though.

Scene 8: Sonja has Ramona meet with her business partner. Ramona takes over the meeting and bulldozes the business partner. No surprise. This poor man was completely taken aback, probably because Ramona didn't give him a chance to get a word in until the very end. By then, he was clearly dizzy from being on the Ramona-coaster too long. There's no doubt Ramona is business-savvy, but the professor of Business 101 to Infinity (her words)??? I don't know about that one.

Scene 9: Carole on the phone talking about her book. I love that apartment. That's where I want to live when I move to New York (wishful thinking, I know). The characters in her book sound like so much fun. I actually can't wait to read it.

Scene 10: Ramona's Pinot Grigio appearance. She meets with the fans and actually is very good with them. Spoiler alert: She brings her own wine glass ... yup, you read that correctly. And we get another Ramona-ism: Water off a duck's ass.

Scene 11: Luann with her kids, and those kids couldn't be more annoyed with her. I'm leaving that one alone.

Scene 12: Ramona packs for St. Barts with Sonja. These two could debate about what color the sky is. Doesn't mean it's entertaining for me. Next.

Scene 13: At the Reunion, Andy asks Luann about her persona and whether or not it's a true reflection of who she is. Luann says she's many different women. Really? Or is it that you just change depending on who you're around? Not that there's anything wrong with that! But just once, I would love for Luann to admit that she plays up the Countess bit when it's convenient/makes her money, but she's truly a party girl at heart, which is what she really is.

Scene 14: Luann gets stood up at the park by Sonja and Ramona. Why did we need to see this?

Scene 15: Ramona unpacks in St. Barts. Another unnecessary scene. Loud as f*ck. Annoying.

Scene 16: Luann bonds with Cat's parrots in St. Barts. I thought this was actually a cute scene. But Luann's island accent is as bad as her French.

Scene 17: Heather talks about being friends with the likes of Sean Combs (AKA Diddy, AKA P.Diddy, AKA Puff Daddy, AKA Puffy), Beyonce, JLO and Carole talks about her friend Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. I would have liked to have heard more about their friendships, but this was a very short clip.

Scene 18: Aviva apologizes for the 8,000th time on the reunion. But I love that she prefaced it by telling Andy (re: Ramona), "She's so f*cking rude, I can't take it." LOL! Ramona brought up the fact that Aviva has said some not so nice things in her blog and on Twitter but as I've said before, in my opinion, if Aviva is explaining how she felt at the time, it's not going to be rainbows and unicorns. Simple as that. Aviva called herself ungracious and trashy on the show, which prompted Sonja to say that she is too hard on herself. Which surprised me, because Sonja was attacking Aviva the entire reunion. But, Sonja continued to tell Aviva to love herself in order to love others (which reminds me of RuPaul's famous line: "If you don't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen in here?"). Words to live by.

Scene 19: Discussion at the reunion re: best and worst of the season.

Ramona's best was St. Barts with most of the ladies, and her worst was her tea date with Aviva.
My best moment for Ramona was at Luann's Christmas party because she was super funny on that episode and my worst moment for Ramona was "TAKE A XANAX, CALM DOWN!" for obvious reasons. 

Sonja says her best was becoming friends with Heather, and her worst was making Heather feel unappreciated.
My best for Sonja was her tolerating George's advances and being a good sport about it, and my worst for her was all the falling-down-drunk (literally) moments. 

Luann's worst moment was her issues with Jacques and her best was the fact that she has a strong relationship with him.
Ho, please. Your best was making peace with Ramona early in the season and your worst was your "Italian friends" trainwreck of an alibi. 

Aviva said the best thing about the season was reaching people that need prosthetics, and the worst thing about it was her behavior in St. Barts.
I say her best was her charity events, including the soulcycle class and giving the little boy his prosthetics. And the worst, besides St. Barts, was her hammering the ladies with her complaints about Ramona and Sonja's behavior after St. Barts. 

Carole's best was the fact that her memoir got back on the best seller list and her worst was getting up early to film.
My best moment for Carole was actually a montage of all her hilarious interviews/confessionals, and the worst would have to be her tension with Luann because even though it was hilarious, it was unnecessary.

Heather's best was the platform the show gave her for organ donation awareness. The worst for her was not being able to solidify a business plan for Sonja, oh and the broken nose.
I say her best was the way she handled Sonja and put her in her place and the worst was not inviting Ramona to London. I know it was a business trip, but it rubbed me the wrong way and caused a lot of tension in the group for no reason. Plus she was the new kid and that was the wrong move at the time, in my opinion. 

And that's a wrap! In Ramona's words (seriously), "Where's the drinks?" Here's to not being an alcoholic!

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