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RHONY Reunion Part 2 - Honesty is the Best Policy

I am so sorry it's taken me this long to write my RHONY Reunion Part 2 Blog! But, as I said in my Jill Zarin blog, I wanted to give you a thorough account of what I thought of the episode, not a half-assed blog. You all deserve the best, plus if I half-ass it some of you call me out on it! But I love it, because you lovelies keep me on my toes. So, thank you, for pushing me to give you my best.

Now, as for the episode, well it was certainly eye-opening! I'm glad we got some resolution and some clarity. Of course, some grudges will be held but that's to be expected. RHONY is so different than other Housewives entities, the poise, the grace, the digs. Ah, those subtle digs are everything.

Get out your report cards, because I'm about to hand out some grades!

Luann: You gave us your story about Tomas NOT spending the night with you and I have to say, it doesn't make too much sense, but I'm gonna let it go. Whatever you did or didn't do, it's on you. And I'm glad you admitted that you panicked and lied about it. Because it was totally obvious and totally unnecessary. As for your "franglish" phone call with Cat, hey, I don't speak French, so I don't know the difference. But I think you meant a lot more than you let on with that, "I never change" line. It would be nice for you to own the fact that you may be a bit of a freak, but that's for you to decide. You've made your Countess bed, and you've chosen to lie in it. I am happy that you and Jacques are still together, though. Mazel. I found it hilarious that you have such a distaste for Carole. Despite what your ego is telling you, she's not out to get you. It's called a sense of humor. Look into it. You took me back to the days of seasons 1 and 2 when you and Ramona were threatening to out each others' deep, dark secrets - I say, you both spill the beans and get it over with. Neither of you are innocent angels, so why not? And your comment about Ramona being able to hold more wine than anyone was classic Luann - a compliment-covered-insult. Ah, can't you just taste the shade? I thought it was nice of you to back Heather up regarding Toaster-Gate, by the way. You didn't annoy me as much on this episode, and if you do come back next season, I say let the real Luann loose - just not around any Pirates. Luann's grade for the week: C (because she owned her mistakes (the ones she admitted to), but she still needs to be less sensitive and get a thicker skin).

Heather: You did a superb job on this episode, once again! I was so happy that you didn't allow Sonja's ridiculous props get the better of you. We all saw the work you did for her. And as I've said before, I think there was a true miscommunication between you and Sonja about what she was actually asking for. I think you gave her way more than a brandstamp. You gave her a campaign to use as a jumping off point. Which she didn't appreciate at all. You were right to not comment on the designs Sonja brought in from the viewers. By the way, there's nothing wrong with getting designs from the viewers. It was just not the right place or time. That's why you did the right thing and told her to go do whatever she wants. It's not your product or your business. If she wants to work with someone else, so be it. You're absolutely right about Sonja being in her own way - and you can't help her with that. I loved it when you said Sonja wouldn't know hard work if it bit her in the ass, and although we don't know if that's true or not, it was a great line. The point is, you win the Toaster-Gate war, hands down. And I'm so glad you set the record straight on Ramona and Sonja partying in St. Bart's. Of course they partied! They flaunted it! Why are they trying to say they were home at midnight? Lies! Heather's grade for the week: A (for serving Truth with a capital T).

Ramona: First of all, thank you for giving us season 1 and 2 realness with your not-so-subtle digs at Luann and her secret-slutty ways. That was priceless. However, we know you're not so innocent yourself. I love how you get so offended with Andy for asking about your drinking, or with Aviva for being mad at your behavior in St. Bart's and for throwing her dad out of your charity event, but you have no problem basically throwing Luann under the bus about Tomas. The truth is, you weren't there. None of us were, so you have no idea what happened between Tomas and Luann. I don't believe Luann, either, but she's sticking to her story, so we have no choice but to drop it. I say, if you're going to go after Luann so hard, do not be so up-in-arms when people come for you. You should have the balls to take whatever Aviva, George, Andy, and anyone else has to say about you. I just hate when you get that clutching-your-pearls look on your face. And seriously, what Aviva said to you and Sonja is nothing compared to what you've said to some of your castmates over the years. Real talk. Plus, you came for Aviva at the end of this episode when you dropped the bomb about her alleged prenups! So, please, don't play the victim and then attack like that. Anyway, I don't believe you and Sonja are lovers (barf) but you are mighty touchy-feely. Which really doesn't bother me, but it raises eyebrows with some for some reason. Now, regarding George - no matter how old he behaves or how inappropriate he is - he's Aviva's blood. Of course she's going to defend him. You are totally right when you said Aviva has a double standard for you, Sonja, and her father. BECAUSE THAT'S HER FATHER! That's the man that stood by her side while her leg was being chewed up by a machine. Is it really that surprising that you asking him to leave your event would upset Aviva so much? And yes, George grabbed your arm and wouldn't shut up about Aviva, I agree with you there. No one is disputing that. You just shouldn't have been so shocked that Aviva would have a problem with it. Here's another problem: Aviva claims she spoke to you and asked you if it was ok to bring Reid to St. Bart's and you said yes. If this is true, then, I'd say you pulled a Jill Zarin and purposely fought with Aviva to secure your place on the show. Which is always a bad move. If you want to come back next season, drop the victim act and make sure you can take it while you're dishing it out. Oh and that lipstick scene was hilarious. Do you ladies not bring makeup artists to the reunions? The Jersey girls do! Ramona's grade for the week: D (for throwing Luann under the bus and throwing shade at Aviva while playing the victim at the same time, not a good look).

Carole: I don't think you have a malicious bone in your body, but it was hilarious when you called out Luann for bringing Tomas home. It's true! Maybe it wasn't your "turn" to say anything but in all honesty, she needed to be called out. And you're all there to discuss the show, so it's fair game. I never understood why some of the Housewives get all upset when a castmate has something to say about something that happened on the show. It's a reunion! You're supposed to participate! Whatever. You gave us some great lines this week, but your portion of the reunion had already been addressed in Part 1. Except for the George Clooney part. I'm impressed you two are still friends. Again, cool points for you. I definitely hope you come back next season, but you'll have to make sure you tell these ladies - to their faces - all the snarky comments you'll be making in your interviews so they don't get offended *sarcasm*. Carole's grade for the week: A (because she gets how hilariously ridiculous this show is and doesn't take it, or herself, too seriously).

Sonja: I'm so glad we got a straight answer on the whole Tomas/garden situation, oh wait, we didn't. That's right, no one cares. You flirt, we get it. It's just not entertaining to me. Some people think it's cute. I just don't care for it. No problem. I do think that shirt Andy gave you was super cute. That "Stir the Drink" line is probably what you should go with, not the toaster oven/cookware line. Speaking of the toaster oven, you know you were wrong for bringing those designs out. What in the world did you think that would accomplish? Just let it go. Why keep beating that dead horse??? All you had to do was thank Heather for the work she did and then go do whatever you wanted (like Bethenny did with Alex). Please, let's never speak of Toaster-Gate again. I liked that you said that George wasn't coming from a bad place and that you went along with the setup for Aviva's sake. That's the Sonja we love, the one that goes with the flow and has a good time with people. No one ever expected you to seriously date him. Not even Aviva, I imagine. I'm glad things are better with your ex and that your financial situation is getting resolved. And please accept my condolences for Milu. I think we can all relate to a pet becoming a family member, especially after 18 years, and losing him must have been tragic. It was no surprise to me that you would have Ramona's back, and hey, you're her bestie, that's what besties do. I actually like that you're so loyal to her. I honestly wish you the best with your cooking appliance/accessory line and if you do come back, we want to see you working hard as well as partying hard. Sonja's grade for the week: C (despite her bringing out those designs, she let us know she's doing better and that was nice to see).

Aviva: I loved how you opened up even more on this episode and let us know why you had such a visceral reaction to Ramona and Sonja in St. Bart's. Aside from the allegation that Ramona knew ahead of time that Reid was coming, you explained that your mother passed away from a burst ulcer caused by alcoholism and that you are extremely sensitive to "partying". You openly admitted that you overreacted and apologized again for yelling at Ramona and Sonja. When you said that when you were yelling at them you were actually yelling at your mother, that really made an impact on me. The fact that your mom isn't with you anymore and that you reacted that way shows that you're still in a lot of pain. I can relate to the overreacting and it makes me realize that we all have triggers that can make us take our pain out on the wrong person. I appreciate you telling the truth about this. It doesn't make what you did right, but at least we know why it happened. You're maybe the most honest Housewife this franchise has ever seen. I don't think we've seen a castmate be as open about her flaws. I, for one, appreciate it immensely. And on a lighter note, I'll take the "we vacay differently" as a shout out because I said that in my blog! Shout out! I think it was smart of you to tell Ramona that she needs to quit with the "verbal abuse" schtick because it's getting old, and as I stated before, she really has no room to talk. And thank you for putting her in her place about the prenup business. It was shady of her to even go there with you. You were so right when you said that when you and Ramona and Sonja were getting along, you kept a lot bottled up, and when you stopped getting along, you exploded all over them. It was your chance to get it all out. So, if you come back next season, which I hope you will, just deal with things as they happen. Don't let them bottle up. And choose your words wisely. Aviva's grade for the week: A (for being totally honest and taking responsibility, while at the same time not letting anyone disrespect her).

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