Thursday, October 18, 2012

Watch What Happens Live - Jill Zarin's Pity Party Tour

First, I just want to say that my Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2 blog is coming soon! I need to actually watch it again, because the first time I watched, I was distracted. So, I need to watch it again and take notes because I realize that I owe you kids the best of the best of me. I wouldn't give you a half-assed blog unless there was some really good reason behind it. But I won't do that with RHONY, I won't do that to you.

Now, let's get into Jill Zarin's appearance on Watch What Happens Live. This was a mess. I am so glad Andy Cohen gave Jill Zarin 22 minutes to remind us why she's not on RHONY anymore. Let's break this down, shall we?

1. Jill thinks she was the voice of reason (when she said Heather was her replacement). Um, no, Jill. You were the pushy, but funny, crazy person who had a beef with almost everyone all the time. Every episode of every single season, you were either lecturing someone, arguing with someone, bashing someone, or ignoring someone. You were NEVER the voice of reason. You were the voice of unreason.

2. Jill believes Andy sided with Bethenny. Um, duh! We all did! (With the exception of Jill's fans, of course.) But seriously, it was a landslide in favor of Bethenny, because Jill was horrible to her. And here's the kicker! Jill admits she thought it would be great for the show! She sat there and told Andy that she thought they would fight and eventually make up on the show and it would be great for ratings. And you wonder why Bethenny wants nothing to do with you, Jill??? What kind of psycho does that? Even Jill admitted that Andy told her it was a bad idea to fight with Bethenny for ratings, and according to Jill, she immediately tried to make up with Bethenny, but by then it was too late. That's what we call karma, Jill. You should have made up with Bethenny because you really wanted to, not because, in your mind, it would be good for television.

3. Jill says Heather was brought on the show to replace her, but she can't replace her because she hasn't converted to Judaism. Wow. I'm just gonna let that sink in. Heather is NOTHING like Jill. Heather actually became MORE likable as the season went on. Enough said.

4. Jill doesn't understand why she was fired. Big surprise. Here's why you were fired, Jill. You became a fame-crazed maniac. You sabotaged your friendships to secure your place on a reality show and it came across as desperate and fake. The majority of the viewers were not on your side, and they made their voices heard. Bravo realized you were a liability, and that's why you were not asked to come back to the show.

5. Jill says the worst part of being fired was that she never got to say goodbye. Well, neither did DeShawn Snow, Lisa Wu Hartwell, Sheree Whitfield, Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord, Cindy Barshop, Danielle Staub, and a slew of other ladies that weren't asked back on the show. This isn't All My Children. You don't get an exit storyline. You're off the show, and that's that. It's pretty presumptuous of you to want to say goodbye when none of these other ladies got that opportunity, either.

6. Jill wants to be friends with Bethenny again. Never gonna happen. Next.

7. Jill says she doesn't pay for Twitter followers. And that she didn't even know you could do that. Um, I'm not on a national television show and I even know that you can buy followers. Please.

All in all, it was disturbing to watch this woman whine about something that happened a year ago. And was I the only one who noticed she was drinking from a Jill Zarin wineglass? I mean, seriously, Jill, if your shapewear/clothing/bedding/jewelry line is doing so great, why in the world do you have to sell yourself SO HARD? You're coming on too strong! But that's the Jill Zarin way, isn't it?

You're determined and strong-willed and that's why we did like you in spite of yourself in season one. But once you let your ego take control of your behavior, we couldn't condone that. You self-destructed, Jill. It wasn't Bravo, it wasn't Andy, it wasn't Bethenny, and it wasn't the "haters". It was you.

I honestly wish you the best of luck, and I hope you got the closure you needed out of making a total ass of yourself on Andy's show. Now, focus on the future and like Heather says, "Keep it movin'".

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