Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Over It

This one is going to be short and not so sweet, because, frankly, I'm sick of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. All of them. Get ready folks, and get your glasses, because I am about to READ!! And by the way, the grades are all the same this week: FAIL.

And as for the Housewives Husband Huddle, what a bunch of BS. Chris - if someone is talking about you and your businesses, just call them out on it and call it a day. Joe Gorga - return the man's tools. Joe Giudice - you are NOT perfect and your attitude sucks. Richie - decide whether you're the peacemaker or the potstirrer, because you can't be both.

Caroline: You were WAY out of line with your comments about Teresa's marriage. Now, your observations may not be totally inaccurate, but it was the way you expressed yourself and the look of almost pure joy on your face that worries me. I get that Teresa is annoying, and so is Joe Giudice, but do you have to look so happy while you curse their marriage? I know you have to talk about Teresa and Joe Giudice because you're on the same show and in the interviews/confessionals they ask you your opinion on them, but I definitely feel you could have controlled yourself and not gone to such an ugly place. The truth is, you don't like these people. We get it. But, you're supposed to be the mature, rational one, and you're just making things worse with comments like that. On the other hand, you say it like you mean it. Doesn't mean it's right, though. I just think about how you defend your own marriage and your family and fight so hard when people say negative things about you. Why attack someone else who's already got a target on her back? You did the impossible. You made me feel a smidge of sympathy for Teresa. You have to get over this hatred for her because it's making you look completely nuts.

Jacqueline: I am really tired of all the tabloid talk. I want you to never read one of those magazines again. Seriously. At the time this was taped, I do think you missed Teresa and wanted to be her friend again, but unfortunately, you and Teresa do not live on the same planet emotionally. You have to LET IT GO. I'm sick of seeing you cry for a friend that is clearly fine without you. It happens! Get over it! I hate to be so harsh, but damn! This storyline is so irritating now! I almost want you to blow up and get it over with, because this whole mad/sad/mad/sad business is maddening.

Kathy: I don't think you meant any harm with the cookie comments, let's face facts, they're FAMILY recipes. And you are related. You should know by now who you're dealing with. So, next time, just say "nice book" and get the hell out of dodge. It sucks that when you say ANYTHING even remotely not-kiss-assey to Teresa, she takes it as an insult. As her cousin, you know Teresa, and you know that she is a spoiled brat. Treat her like the child that she is, and be done with it. Please. No more nicey nice, no more awkward small talk, just be as civil as possible. She doesn't appreciate effort. She doesn't appreciate nice. So, treat her like an acquaintance. Some people like to be treated like sh*t - I know these people. The minute you ignore them, that's when they want to kiss your ass.

Melissa: The photo shoot was ok, but I would actually love to see you spend more time on your vocal training. I'm serious. If you worked half as hard on your voice as you do your looks, there would be no questions from anyone about your vocal abilities. Just saying. I have no problem with you wanting to pursue singing. I just think you need to take the SINGING part more seriously. We need to see you work with a vocal coach, we need to see you doing warm ups, we need to see you practice your breathing. If this is your career, you need to treat it as such, and not just a fun game you're playing. Do you know how many people are dying to have a chance to perform on tv? At Beatstock? Have their song on iTunes? Do better, Melissa.

Teresa: I'm getting on everyone this week, so do not be surprised that I'm coming for you right now. First of all, you need to know that not everything is about you all the time. So what Kathy said the cookies in your book were her mom's? You wrote the book! You know whose recipes they are! And is it really so hard to understand that your mom and her mom have the same recipe? Listen to Kathy's tone, it wasn't accusatory at all. Now, let's move on to your comments about Skinnygirl. So you don't like the way it tastes? Fine. Did you have to name it by name in your confessional? NO. Totally unnecessary. The Fabellini business, OMG, I was embarrassed for you. Why did you even bring Joe Giudice along? Nothing but negativity pours out of his mouth, and it's like you can't get enough. I'm tired of you being so defensive about everything. I'm tired of you projecting all of your bullsh*t onto everyone else. I'm tired of this storyline and I'm tired of you. Woman up! You spent the entire episode being mad. Is this how you want to live? And by the way, showing your toddler how to put money in her "bubbies" isn't helping you on this show either.

I am really tired of all the immature, high school idiocy that is happening on this show. If it continues, I cannot watch anymore. Next season better have a revamped cast, and honestly, I don't care who goes or stays at this point. Just fix it, because the show is dark, mean, and almost unwatchable. And I'm through.

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