Thursday, July 12, 2012


This week's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was explosive. I was really blown away by a lot of the drama on the show, and I mean that in the best way possible. Yes, this show is trashy, but I like it. And if you're reading this, you do, too! I'm definitely not saying I agree with the shenanigans on the show, but damn, it is entertaining. So let's get right into it.

Mimi: It was so good to see you tell Stevie J where to go and how to get there, but I'm just hoping you stick to your guns. Do not fall for his BS again. Especially after watching the show, you know he's not all about you and your daughter. He made it clear, his first love is money. That should tell you everything you need to know. Listen to K. Michelle and Ariane. Let him go for good. Do your own thing business-wise. You don't need to be mixed up with him - all you have to do is co-parent with him. You're so much better off without him. Mimi's grade for the week: A (for finally seeing the light!)

Joseline: I'm not going to get into how I feel about your choice to have an abortion. I just have one question: If your career takes off, and you become bigger than Beyonce, does it justify that decision? I really want to know. Because I have a bit of a problem with how casually the abortion was mentioned. It was sort of just ... understood. Like I said, it was your choice. I'm just wondering if in the end, it will really be worth it. It reminds me of Lauryn Hill's song To Zion. That's all I'm going to say about it. Now, your role in the Lil Scrappy/Stevie J/Erica fight. You were dead wrong for getting involved. You put something out there that wasn't true just to get a rise out of Erica and get in the mix. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You even admitted the information was wrong, but you're so insecure about who else Stevie J is messing with, you put it out there anyway. That insecurity is YOUR problem, no one else's. And the fact that you're still messing with Stevie J is YOUR problem as well. Joseline's grade for the week: F (because I just don't see where she gets her logic from).

Rasheeda: I love that dinner you made for you and your husband! It shows you really care and that you were listening to him. Good job. Rasheeda's grade for the week: A (I like her a lot!)

Erica: My condolences. Seriously. Your relationship with Lil Scrappy died this week (at least, to me, it did). I was really rooting for you guys. After reconnecting last week, we see what Lil Scrappy had on the side this whole time. Really??? Bucky from Flavor of Love??? Now, I'm not judging, but damn. Erica, you are too good for this BS. Just like Mimi. Cut him loose, co-parent, and call it a day. Your mom was so right. As for the fight with Joseline and Stevie J, Scrappy was defending you as "baby mama" and you went after Stevie J and Joseline hard. I don't condone the fighting, but you were way classier about it than Joseline, which is not that difficult, let's be real. Just realize that he's not fighting for you as his woman, his love, or even his girlfriend. Your role has been decided. Now, take that information and move on. Erica's grade for the week: C (for fighting for something that isn't even there anymore).

K.Michelle: I just love you on this show and I can't wait for your showdown with Karlie next week!! Last week, you came at Karlie (lopsided ass LOL) and I was loving it. I loved that you had a breakthrough of sorts last week, as well, about how your last record deal ended. Learn from it and move on. Your showcase was really great. K.Michelle's grade for the week: A (that's my girl!)

Karlie: Um, the fact that you are trying to steal producers from people on the same reality show as you is what's making me not like you anymore. You aren't a tell-it-like-it-is type girl like I thought you were. You're just loud. And I can't wait for K.Michelle to give you the business next week. Karlie's grade for the week: F (in advance!)

Ariane: Still the ever-present best friend, and a good one, at that. I want to see more of what you've got going on besides consoling Mimi, though. But I will say, you called this whole Stevie J thing from the beginning. Ariane's grade for the week: A (because I value a good friend).

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