Monday, July 16, 2012

New Attitude

First, I have to make a correction to my last Real Housewives of New Jersey blog. I referenced a scene that I had watched on that didn't air in last week's episode - the scene in Teresa's kitchen where she's getting her hair/makeup done for Beatstock and Gia makes a crack about Melissa - that was a preview that I had seen online, and accidentally lumped it together with last week's episode in my mind. So, my apologies for that. However, it did air this week, so now, it's fair game. Feel free to tweet me and scold me. I promise I will refrain from watching previews online until AFTER I've written my blog from now on.

On to this week's episode. I have to say it was entertaining. Except for Chris Manzo puking his guts out - ain't nobody got time for that! (Sweet Brown voice.) Seriously, if I hear, see, or smell vomit, I get sick myself, so I was not a happy camper during that little escapade. Now, about Albie. Why am I not surprised he'd pick his family over his girl? Boy, please, have several seats. I'm just saying, you're not ready for any kind of relationship when you're living for someone else's approval. Point blank period. And I have to shout out Greg again this week. I loved that he was so starstruck with Ms. Patti LaBelle. I mean, who wouldn't be?! She's the Godmother! And I loved how nice she was. I just wish she could have met everyone on the cast and gotten them together. Because Ms. Patti READS, honey. She needs to read that whole cast to filth. And if you don't know what reading is, look it up, and while you're at it, look up shade, too. You'll thank me later.

So let's jump right in.

Jacqueline: You were hardly in the episode! I'll skip you this week and wait till I see you in Napa next week.

Caroline: The menopause is messing with your moods again! But at least you weren't on a warpath this week. What you said (about wanting to disinvite the Giudice's but not being able to) wasn't even that bad. It's just a matter of fact. We've all had to deal with people we're not particularly fond of. I'm just gonna ask you again, don't start nothing in Napa, won't be nothing in Napa (and yes, I know the show's already filmed but I like to give my advice as if it's happening now). On another note, I like how you were supporting both blk and the Brownstone sauce at the expo (or whatever it was called). Caroline's grade for the week: B (for working it at the expo/food fest).

Teresa: I was happy to see you have a semi-nice conversation with Melissa after the Beatstock performance.  Although, it did look a little staged/rehearsed, I'm going to give both of you the benefit of the doubt and say that you were both TRYING. Which is great! And Gia's performance at Beatstock was awesome. She is very talented! Now, I have to address Gia's comments about Melissa. Like I said last week, she got that whole lipsynching thing from someone. And if it wasn't you, I'm guessing it was Joe Giudice. My thing is, a child shouldn't be allowed to make fun of an adult - especially a relative. Gia mocking Melissa was in poor taste and inappropriate. Instead of telling her so, you did nothing and Joe laughed. When Milania said, "Melissa stinks", same thing. If you really want the family to get along, you HAVE to let your kids know that it's not ok to belittle, make fun of, or talk bad about their aunt. They have to be told that doing so is disrespectful and mean. Here's a sincere question: do your kids know they're on tv? Because if they do, and they did that in front of the cameras, they must know it could be on the show and eventually Melissa would see it. That's where you come in, as a mother, and tell them, "Ok, you said that about Aunt Melissa and she's going to see it. It may hurt her feelings. So, you need to apologize to her for saying that because it was disrespectful." I'm just saying, my mom is old school and we were NEVER allowed to make fun of our aunts and uncles like that. Maybe you had a talk with the girls or chastised them for that and we just didn't see it. I'm just saying, it was wrong, and it made you look like you really didn't care what they said about her. And that's in direct conflict with the progress that you're trying to make. And it makes you look two-faced. There. I said it. I hope I'm wrong, though. I definitely like you better when you're having a good time and being nice to people. Teresa's grade for the week: C (because I can't prove that she didn't tell the kids to stop making fun of Melissa, but it definitely was not appropriate for them to talk like that).

Melissa: Now, don't think that just because I was hard on Tre, I'm gonna be a softie with you. Like I told Teresa, your conversation looked fake and forced, but I have no idea if it was just the awkwardness between you or what. So, like I said, I'm giving you both credit for talking and being civil with each other. I think there was way too much sex talk with you and Joe Gorga and frankly, it was gross. I don't need to hear any more about poison, thanks. So, please, no more sexy time scenes. I'm begging you. Your Beatstock performance was good, and it was nice to see your family there to cheer you on. And I loved that you hugged Gia at the end. That must have been an awesome experience to share with her. (Despite her comments about you.) Melissa's grade for the week: C (for being civil with Teresa, but I'm over the Gorga love scenes, ick).

Kathy: I'm proud of you for pursuing your culinary dreams - and seriously, those cannolis looked amazing. Richie's big mouth may get you into trouble, though. Maybe he feels like since it's a neighborhood company (the ice cream company), it's less formal, but really, it's still a business meeting. Hopefully, you told him to keep his comments to himself for the next time. I think you still have good intentions on getting along with Teresa, and you haven't done or said anything to jeopardize it. So, I'm still Team Kathy. Just reel Richie in a little bit, ok? Kathy's grade for the week: B (for focusing on her business, but Richie needs to watch his mouth).

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