Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello, kids! This post's title comes straight from Momma Dee's ridiculous mouth, while speaking to Erica on this week's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. This episode gave me everything! I am falling more and more in love with this show, and no, I won't apologize for it. At this point, I don't even care if some of it is scripted/staged/rehearsed (some of it is). The entertainment value is through the motha-effin' roof. Don't judge me.

Erica: I am SO on your team right now. First of all, Scrappy had an asthma attack because he wasn't taking care of himself. Second, you made arrangements for him to get to the hospital. Third, HE HAS ANOTHER CHICK! Your responsibility to be "emotional" and "affectionate" is automatically NULL and VOID due to his having Buckey on the side. I'm sorry, but I don't feel not one ounce of sympathy for Scrappy - partying and doing whatever he wants, and then demanding love and affection from you. You're taking care of business and taking care of your child. That's what you should be doing. If he wants love and affection, then he needs to give that, and moving out of the house and rubbing up on his "best friend" isn't the answer. (I won't even go into the fact that he left you alone when you lost the baby because it's just too sad and terrible.) I think you're absolutely right - he needed an excuse to break up, and he chose the asthma attack incident. You're better off without him, to be honest. You're smart, confident, and most of all, responsible. You were totally right to tell Scrappy off at that lunch/meeting. And he walked away, once again. I just hope he tells you about  his "friend" before you find out from someone else. As for Momma Dee, you know the deal. Scrappy can do no wrong and everything is your fault. Like I said, you're better off walking away from both of them. Let's talk about your conversation with Joseline. I'm so glad she admitted she was wrong about you. I understand why you left it at that, because you two really don't need to be friends, but at least you were vindicated. Erica's grade for the week: A (for saying goodbye to Scrappy - let's hope it's for good!)

Karlie: Just ... wow. Seriously? Ok, let me back up. While I don't think you're a "senior citizen" or 50 years old, you're certainly no spring chicken. I'll get back to that later. I thought it was odd that you told Joseline, "I explained my affiliation" (or something to that effect) when Stevie J said you were with Cash Money. Turns out you tweeted that you're not with Cash Money, yet you let Stevie J say it (in front of you) and you didn't correct him. Again, odd. Moving on, you and Benzino's scene looked totally scripted and totally fake. Period. On to the K. Michelle confrontation - and here's where your age comes back into play - that whole thing was so over the top. Are you really trying to emulate Evelyn Lozada right now? ("Everytime I see you!") I'm sorry, but so much about you is not coming across as real. You're doing way too much and it just looks like you're playing a part. Now, I wanted to know if Joseline and K. Michelle were right about you being 40/50 years old, so I googled you, I IMDB'd you, and all I could come up with was this interview where you say you're 29. Um ... if you're 29, I'm 22 (I'm not). Once again, you're not telling the truth! If Mimi and the other cast members can tell their age, why can't you? There is NO WAY you're 29. Just saying. And I even googled your alias Karlie Lewis from your Scream Queen days. No date of birth to be found. At least you covered your tracks well. I spent way too much time on you already so I'll leave it there. Karlie's grade for the week: F (for being Fake with a capital F, and I really don't care how old you are).

K. Michelle: I had no problem finding your date of birth, incidentally! Sorry, just had to throw that out there. You were full of one liners and jokes on this episode, and I loved it. You're definitely funny - which I thoroughly enjoy - but I can see where some people may see that as hating. You throw most of the shade at Karlie Redd (and with good reason). Let's just say she's most definitely older than you. And I have to say I laughed out loud when you said you would chop her in her "trach-ula" instead of trachea. LOL! Now, if you know anything about me, you know if you can make me laugh, I'll forgive almost anything. So, K. Michelle, you have a free pass with me right now. I also loved the scene with you, Rasheeda, and Erica - that rang true to me and felt genuine. K. Michelle's grade for the week: A (for making me laugh and coming across as real).

Mimi: Congratulations on getting off the Stevie J roller coaster! I'm so proud of you for taking a stand and leaving that relationship. One thing I will say is, don't fall for his apologies or his nice words, because you know where that leads. And listen to Ariane - she's speaking truth. You were a pretty good mediator between Karlie and K. Michelle but it got out of hand before anything got resolved. I just love how calm you were. And your face was priceless when Karlie was acting a fool, talking about how they're gonna have to arrest her. You were like, Girl, please. Amen. Mimi's grade for the week: A (for getting rid of Creepy J!)

Ariane: Good friend, all the way. If this is the role you'll be playing, I fully support that, but I won't grade you every week anymore. Ariane's grade for the week: A (until further notice).

Rasheeda: I love the fact that you're close with Scrappy but you can still be supportive of Erica. That's a good friend. You aren't necessarily taking sides, you're just hearing Erica out and helping her through this break up. And I'm sure you know it's probably for the best. In the previews, it looks like your business relationship with your husband is crumbling, and that's a shame. We'll have to see how that plays out. Rasheeda's grade for the week: A (for being impartial when it comes to Scrappy and Erica).

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