Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to Reality

Hello again! I've been out of town and without my laptop, so please forgive my absence.

So what I'm going to do is just give my quickest assessment possible on all the craziness that went on over the last few days on our favorite reality shows.

I have to start with the Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2 - what struck me the most is how truly crazy Kelly is. In a way I almost think she's playing a part, and she thinks it's going to get her more camera time. Her constant incoherent babbling/unfounded insults are beyond annoying. Sometimes I tell myself that if she's on the show next season, I refuse to watch. At least Jill can form sentences, even if they are mean. I'd much rather watch Jill and Ramona fight and bicker than watch Kelly try to spit out some mumbo jumbo about authenticity. And Cindy, bless her heart, she's just not a good fit for this show. Even her drama with Sonja and Ramona is boring. Alex was clearly frustrated and was not going to let the brunettes get away with dismissing her, and I'm proud of her for that. The brunettes continued to try to shut Alex up, but they were unsuccessful. Alex always tells the truth, and she has since season 1. I respect that a lot, and I'm officially Team Alex. I felt for Ramona when they spoke about her husband, but she defended herself with a lot of confidence. Mario is not my favorite person on the show (he comes off as creepy), but the brunettes jumping all over that was just mean. Not that the blondes were nice, by the way! I just wish the brunettes would let go of their superiority complex and get real. Luann and Jill are the original bullies and the viewers know it. Careful ladies, we may not want to see this kind of behavior next season. There's rumblings that some viewers will actually boycott the show all together. Bethenny was brought up again, and Jill says she hopes they can rebuild their friendship one day. I say, don't hold your breath, Jill. Bethenny's doing fine without you, and after watching her on the Housewives and her own show, once she's done with someone, she's DONE.  You did it to yourself, so move on.

Now let's jump into Basketball Wives - Jennifer is a mess. I can't stand her self-righteous attitude this season. Why in the world would she expect Royce to give her a heads up about anything? Even if it does involve Jenn's ex? The truth is Jenn is jealous that Eric is even talking to Royce in the first place. But that's her problem. I don't think the movie is legit, but I do think Royce is smart enough to get out of it when she realizes it's a sham. Evelyn's daughter looks like a sweet and smart girl. I really like her. I wish Evelyn would behave this way more with all of the ladies on the show. When she's around her family, she's actually quite likeable. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same about Chad - ugh - this guy comes off as attention-seeking and desperate. I hope their relationship is real, but something about it does seem very rehearsed. Just my opinion. Tami is still my girl and I love her - smacking people and all - don't judge me. She makes me laugh. Deal with it. Miss Suzie is still a motormouth, and it's gonna get her right back where she was last season - the curb. Some things should not be said, gurl! Calm down, or we'll have to start calling you Meeka Jr.

On to Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa is so childish. Melissa and Joe take the time to attend her party but they want to leave early to attend Kathy's party as well. It happens. People have other plans sometimes. She should be grateful they even showed up. Technically, since they're ALL family, they should have all been together. But since Teresa's still angry with Kathy (for no good reason), that's not happening. Teresa honestly needs to take a step back and ask herself who she's really mad at - but I think she's not ready for that. In my opinion, her husband is lazy, not supportive, rude, disrespectful, and just plain obnoxious. If I were Teresa, he'd be gone. Just saying. Caroline and Albert were really sweet this episode, and I was happy to see Alexa Ray Joel on the show. I have heard her music in the past, and I think she's really talented. Hopefully Albie got over his shyness and at least went on a couple dates with her. I'm not surprised Ashley doesn't give her mom gifts for the holidays - why should she? Her presence is enough right? Wrong! What a jerk this girl is - let's hope she's grown up a bit since taping. Jeez, her selfishness is so infuriating. I don't know how Jacqueline puts up with it. Ashley is so lucky to have what she has. It's wasted on someone so immature and ungrateful. Kathy and Richie are amazing. They are my favorites this season. Their family is awesome, and I love their sense of humor. The New Year's party is coming up and I can't wait. Should be very entertaining.

I don't usually watch the Bachelorette, but I caught a little bit of it and of course, she went for the hotter guy. I give it 6 months.

Kathy Griffin was on CBS' new show Same Name, and it was SO funny. She really makes good tv and I really hope she gets a network deal out of this. The premise is that celebrities swap lives with people who have the same name. It was an awesome episode, and Kathy really looked like she was having fun. I wasn't too fond of her name-sharing co-star, but hey, you can't win em all.

I didn't watch Flipping Out last night but I will tonight. I wonder if Sarah got fired!! Aw, cutesies.

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