Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dressing Up and Flipping Out

Good Afternoon, all! It's nice and scorching hot outside where I am, how about you? I'm bummed the summer is almost over, though. Still need to go to the beach ... how could I have not found time to go to the friggin' beach yet?!

Dressing Up:

Well, this week's episode of RuPaul's DragU brightened my summer day even more. This week, family members came to get "dragulated". Raven's mom, who is a devout Mormon, came on the show and was nothing but sweet, lovely, and a little sassy. Jujubee's sister was super shy but very cute and friendly, and made an amazing transformation. Manila's sister was bubbly and full of personality, and used that to her advantage in the competition.

What struck me about this episode is the very real family dynamics we got to see. Normally, the drag professors are fun and over the top, doing as much as they can to help their students "draguate" with top honors. This time, there's a very personal and emotional connection, since the queens are essentially schooling their family members in the drag culture. Although each family member is completely accepting of their queen's lifestyle (why else would they be there), there's a deeper understanding that's being gained here. They get to really see their queens at work, in their element, which some of them have never been able to do before.

For example, Raven's mom had never even seen her in drag in person. For her to see Raven all done up with red Bettie Page hair and vixen makeup must have been somewhat of a shock. Even though she's seen pictures, and probably the shows she's been on, it must be a different story in person. I thought she handled it beautifully, but she did ask to call Raven "David", which Raven gladly allowed.

I love the relationship between Jujubee and her sister. You can tell Jujubee is the bigger personality. Her sister is admittedly very shy and reserved, but can't help but giggle and laugh with her older sister. They both have been affected deeply by the passing of their father, and shared a moment in the workroom talking about how much they miss him. Jujubee's sister says she is uncomfortable being confident, but that's all about to change.

Manila also has a great relationship with her sister. But her sister does reveal to RuPaul that they don't spend as much time together anymore, and when they do, it's usually drag-related. Sounds like Manila needs to make more of an effort to just hang out with her sister like they used to. Manila's sister says she wants to show the world that Manila's not the only one in the family with talent.

The guest judge this episode was Shirley Jones, of the Partridge Family and one of my favorites, the original The Parent Trap. She looks amazing, by the way!

This was a really fun episode and there was plenty of shade throwing (all in good fun, of course). I especially loved when Jujubee told Raven's mom that she was going to "pee on her pillow"! LOL! I won't ruin the ending for you but I called the winner halfway through the show. But really, on this show, everyone wins. I love RuPaul's DragU! Watch the episode on, you'll be glad you did.

Flipping Out:

Can I just say: I LOVE JENNI PULOS! Classy, funny, supportive, professional, and super duper ultra patient. This woman is pretty much a saint. Let me explain. Jeff Lewis has a nightmare client named Stacey Farish (a mean, insecure, and catty woman), who has chosen to torture Jenni about pretty much everything from her hair to her clothes to her voice. Now, I understand, some people just don't click. But this bizzle is taking things too far.

First, let's remember that this is the woman who had an unusual, almost fatal-attraction-type affinity for Sarah, who has since been let go from Jeff Lewis' office. She even went as far as to beg Jeff to only bring Sarah to the worksite and to never bring Jenni. Crazy, right? Anyway, now that Sarah and Trace are both gone, Jenni is the full-time assistant, and goes with Jeff to every single project. That doesn't sit well with Miss Stacey.

In fact, Sarah and Stacey still (in this episode) have a relationship. Stacey tells (brags) to Jeff that she helped Sarah with her resume and gave her some interviewing tips. This is not ok with Jeff, since he knows Sarah's a gossip and is probably saying some not-so-great things to Stacey, who is still his client. He tells Stacey that this is inappropriate, and she disagrees. But that's not the best part.

After weeks of watching Stacey rip Jenni a new one in every episode, finally (FINALLY), Jenni gets her revenge. It seems that Jeff was humoring or at least tolerating Stacey's behavior because, let's face it, he does like giving Jenni a little bit of a hard time, and this is a paying client with a potential for more work down the line. But this episode, even Jeff had enough. He told Stacey that she needs to stop with all of the insults toward Jenni and that she is his employee and she's not going anywhere. Jenni was then given the floor where she laid a verbal smackdown on Stacey ending with: "and I don't really like your necklace, now that we're being honest." BOOM! Love it! Stacey apologized and realized she had just been put in her place. Let's hope she remembers to watch it with our girl, Jenni!

However, all is not well for Jeff Lewis, as he has been informed he won't be doing Chaz Dean's New York salon after all. Chaz did ask him to do the VIP room where all press will be done, all celebs will be taken care of, and a lot of other VIP things will take place. Jeff, understandably, wants to do the entire salon, not just one room (even if it is VIP). Jenni tries to convince him that this is a compliment, since it's pretty much the one room that will be publicized out of the whole salon. But Jeff needs more convincing. Namely, the right price. More on that in upcoming episodes.

My girl Zoila is back on full duty after her birthday makeover, and she is not too happy that Jeff keeps talking about her fill-in, Lupe. Zoila is hilarious and I love everything that comes out of her mouth. Who knew she loved jury duty so much, by the way? Now, I would tell you to watch the episode on, but for some reason, the full episode is not up on their site. They do have clips and exclusive unaired videos. But I do know Flipping Out is on Comcast On Demand. Catch this episode!

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