Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tension Times Ten

Well, hello again, readers! I can't get over all of the tension on Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of New Jersey! Let's go ...

First up, Basketball Wives. We gotta talk about the drink toss heard 'round the world. Now, you all know I'm not a Jenn fan, but that was painful to watch. Jeez! Eric was definitely out of line for that, but I will say Jenn started the drink throwing (even if it was behind his back as he walked away). He should have just kept on walking. My assessment is that they're both proud, selfish, immature people, and that conversation wouldn't have ended well no matter what the circumstances were. They need to only speak with a lawyer/mediator present.

I found it interesting that Evelyn said that the drink toss happened before the divorce party, not after, but VH1 switched it around for the show. I think they should have left it chronological, maybe that would have explained Jenn's weird vibe before the party - and also why she felt she needed to "drink up". Speaking of the divorce party, I felt a little uncomfortable with it. Here's why: first off, I've never been divorced (or married for that matter), but it seems to me that a divorce is painful in most cases. I understand having a party to celebrate the beginning of a NEW chapter, but the divorce (as far as we know when the episode was filmed) was not final. So Jenn was celebrating being in the middle of a divorce? I don't know if it was for drama or to make sure her party made it into the show, but the party really shouldn't have even happened until the divorce was final. Also, the visuals were a little creepy. The cake was overkill in my opinion and so was the pinata (although the bump on Eric's cake head was hilarious). It just seemed to be more about bashing (literally) Eric than anything.

Let's talk about Royce's one scene in the finale. I swear VH1 is stupid for not including her in the rest of the finale. This girl speaks the TRUTH! I loved how she actually read Jenn's tweets - Jenn has never done that - to prove who's talking about who on Twitter. Let's see if Jenn gets the hint and brings some actual proof with her to the reunion. Also, did anyone else notice Jenn bring up Royce at dinner with Eric? Again with this? Jenn - no one cares that Royce talked to Eric about his movie project. It's not like they were making out drunk at a party in front of a bunch of people. No, boo boo, that was you. My girl Royce is many things, but shady is not one of them. She says it like she means it, whether you like it or not. I really hope Royce brings it to the reunion, some of these bizzles need to get TOLD.

My other favorite on the show, Tami, was hilarious this episode. I love her when she's happy and laughing. Her facial expressions during the divorce party were great. But, I'm a little sad we didn't see more of her and her daughters on the finale. What happened to their record deal? What's Tami's next career move? On you can see a deleted scene of her entering the radio/DJ/host world. I would have loved to see more of that on the finale.

On to Evelyn and Mr. Ochocinco. I really don't care about their relationship, but it was refreshing to see Evelyn mad at someone other than the ladies on the show. My only question is why didn't she throw a drink? Must not have had one close by. Next time!

Overall, I didn't enjoy the finale very much. It all centered around Jenn, who again, is not my favorite. I wish the finale were more about ALL of the ladies. VH1 should have tied up some loose ends and given us an ending (or cliff-hanger) for all of the cast members. Just my opinion. The reunion is next Monday! Can't wait!

Now, let's dish about the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Oh my God. I feel like writing an open letter to Teresa right now. You need help! The woman is not only the most self-centered person on Earth, but also the most overly-sensitive and quick-tempered. Not to mention, just plain dense. I swear, every single person who tries to have a conversation with Teresa ends up with the same look on their face. Frustration. Caroline said it best: "It's like talking to a brick wall."

Teresa not only gets mad for every little thing Joe, Melissa, Kathy, and Richie say, but she also twists their words and actions to make herself look like the victim. Teresa needs to watch it, because she's looking really crazy this season. Especially when she makes mean comments in her interviews. Just look at what happened to Jill Zarin, Tre. You wanna end up like her?

Seriously, the arguments between Teresa and Melissa and Teresa and Joe and Teresa and Kathy all come back to the same thing - Teresa doesn't listen. She doesn't listen to what anyone else has to say. She doesn't even listen to herself. She says things like she's all about family and family comes first, but then talks to her family as if they were dogs. I just can't stand it.

Now, Melissa's not really my cup of tea, either. She's got her issues, too. And if Danielle Staub is telling the truth (and we all know how iffy that is), Melissa was contacting Danielle to help her "expose" Teresa. In a way, I kind of understand it, since Melissa and Joe's names were brought up at the last reunion by Danielle. That's when Teresa freaked out and pushed Andy, remember? Ah, we liked you so much more when we didn't know you that well, Teresa. Back then you were funny, now you're just sad. Like I said, this whole Danielle/Melissa conspiracy could be true, I really wouldn't put it past Melissa. She's already got plenty of reasons to want to hurt Teresa and Teresa just adds to the list every time she opens her mouth.

I still love Kathy. I think she's got her head on straight, and unlike Teresa and Melissa, she isn't all about herself. She seems to genuinely care about other people. I loved that she gave Caroline a thank-you basket at the New Years party. I love that! Kathy continues to show that she's the Gorga's Caroline - level-headed, sweet, nurturing, and a little tough. I think Caroline and Kathy will become good friends if they haven't already.

I really felt for Jacqueline in this episode. Ashley's attitude is only getting worse. My question is: how much are Chris and Jacqueline supposed to take? I mean, I understand that Jacqueline raised her alone for the most part, and I'm sure she did the best she could, but damn! When does a parent say enough is enough! I don't have kids, but I know that when it was time for me to leave my parents' house - we all knew it. It was painful and it wasn't under the best circumstances, but I left because I knew it was the best thing for everyone. And now things are a lot better. Ashley should wake up and realize how lucky she is to have parents who do so much for her. Some of us weren't/aren't that lucky, sweetie! Some of us had to drive crappy cars and pay our own insurance and our own repairs and our own gas ... ugh. I can't with this girl. I have to admit she's very talented with her drawings. She really should do something with them, whether it's sell them online or even work with tattoo shops or maybe have someone display them in a gallery. The possibilities are there, she just doesn't see them. And no one can make Ashley grow up. They've been trying for 3 seasons, and so far, nothing has worked. I say, let her go and fall on her face, and then let her pick herself back up. That's how most of us had to do it, am I right?

The New Year's party looked gorgeous. The Brownstone really is a landmark. It looks like everyone had a great time and there was no Kim G! Best New Year's ever! I loved that Chris was telling Ashley she was stupid for wanting to drink. And Richie "bonding" with Joe was a little scary, I'm not gonna lie. But they laughed at the end of it. Not that either one of them were kidding. I'm sure they meant every word, they just played it off like it was all a big joke. Kathy tried to make nice with Teresa again, and Teresa again, shut her down. I say Kathy did her part. Now it's Teresa's turn. I cannot wait for the vacation to the tropics, and my beloved "KOO KOO!" line from Kathy!!!

Let's hope someone is able to get through to Teresa during the trip, although, judging by Sunday's Watch What Happens Live, she's just as deluded as ever.

Oh well.

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