Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shahs of Sunset - Too Mean?

This episode of Shahs of Sunset made me a little sad, actually. I can't say I don't understand where each cast member is coming from - but it's kind of becoming a bit mean for my taste. Don't get me wrong, I love shade and cattiness, but there's something about real friends (not just people thrown together for a reality show) fighting that makes me sad. It's kind of Jill/Bethenny all over again, except this time it's Reza/MJ and I'm not sure who is who in this scenario.

But can I just express my love for Tehran, the half black, half Persian prince in this episode? I freaking love him!!! And Sammy makes an appearance, if only to defend MJ for a moment, which really didn't bother me at all and didn't make much of an impression on Reza, apparently.

So let's get to the grades and hopefully next week we'll get some resolutions for these friendships.

Lilly: I know you were not the one to start the drama with MJ, but you do have the upper hand in this situation. You are skinnier, prettier, younger, and you have Reza. Did you really have to chop MJ down in front of everyone by saying she shouldn't have worn that dress? Yes, it was too small. We can all see that. But you had already won before MJ even walked into the room. It's so obvious that she is jealous of you - the best thing for you to do when she said you should have worn the dress your sister was wearing is say "I like that dress, too!" and keep it moving. But, I can understand why you had enough and it's not like you said anything too cutthroat. It was not nice, though. And then, in Reza's office, you went IN, sweetheart!! I know, I know you were just joking but damn. I would never want to be on your bad side. You kept up with Reza in the shit talking department, and that's not an easy thing to do. You are right about one thing, if you can dish it out, you better take it. And I think you can, which is the only reason I'm not mad at you for all this. Lilly's grade for the week: C (she slammed MJ pretty hard, but she didn't start all this).

MJ: I feel bad for you - but only to a certain point. I think you hit below the belt just as much as Reza did in last week's episode. You know that you can be hurtful, just like he can be, so why not contact him after you had calmed down? Was moving out of your office truly necessary? I think you needed and wanted an excuse to abandon the office and this was the perfect time to do it. I don't think calling Mike dumb is going to be good for you down the road, especially with him being cool with you after the fight. And you have to remember, everyone is different in business. Mike may be great at residential, you don't know what he may have that you don't have. And that desk. That poor desk. Gurl ... I just ... I can't. It was such a crystal clear metaphor for you on this show right now. A mess. Now, at the party, you really didn't need to go up to Lilly and comment on her or her sister's dress. I don't think you were purposely trying to say anything too fucked up, but you wanted to give her a little dig. And you ended up getting more than a dig back. It was a friggin' gouge. But you opened the door for all of this when you met Lilly. Maybe you should have been nicer? MJ's grade for the week: D (I can't with her right now).

GG: Oh my God. You are out of your mind. I hope when you watched this episode you booked a year's worth of therapy and found your local AA chapter. Because this shit was cray. That's all I can say. GG's grade for the week: F (GET HELP!)

Mike: I laughed so hard when you brought punching bags with you to GG's house. I bet you needed to punch something by the time your conversation with her was over. Jeez Louise! The scene with your family was pretty rough - but I honestly think you can succeed at anything you put your mind to. Your dad has a point, don't forget everything you learned doing commercial real estate. But, I'm sure there's a way for you to eventually take residential and commercial jobs. That would really be the ideal. I think you can prove all the naysayers wrong, just stay focused. Mike's grade for the week: A (he really tried with GG and he has a lot to prove to his family but I think he can do it).

Reza: My dear, sweet Reza ... you're getting into dangerous territory this week. I don't mind you venting about MJ but what you did at the party was especially dick-ish. And I like you! I do think you're funny, but damn, you knew MJ was listening for her name in that toast. I just feel like the vindictive look is not a good one for you. At least you admitted that you were being mean on purpose. You wanted to teach her a lesson because she hurt you. I get it. But the only way you're really going to resolve it is to sit down and calmly talk things out. Just going back for more and more digs is not the way to go if you ever want to be friends again. If not, then hey, do you need to kick the girl when she's down? Probably not. I would be really hurt if my best friend sided with someone who said those things about me but I'd have to have a conversation with them alone - I wouldn't be able to hold that in for very long. I'd have to confront it with tears and emotions and all that fun best friend stuff. I'm just saying, the whole "teach her a lesson" thing is just masking the hurt, it's not curing it. Maybe some mediation would be good, a joint therapy session. Reza's grade for the week: C (I get where he's coming from, but it's gonna get old real fast if he doesn't take steps to resolve it).

Asa: Well, we finally got to meet your love, Jermaine Jackson, Jr. which is a huge deal, so thank you for sharing that with us. I think it's terrible that you experience such hatred because of your interracial relationship, but sadly, that mentality is still alive and strong in some people. It really is sad. But I wish you and your love the best because you two are DEFINITELY into each other. But, can I just tell you, the "daddy" thing ... maybe not so much? It's a little creepy! I loved the segment with your mom driving, that was hilarious. And I'm so sorry the fashion week gig didn't work out. Are you at liberty to say why? We want to know! At the party you gave your two cents which I didn't have a problem with. I think at some point you need to resolve your issues with MJ and GG, just make sure there's no alcohol present. Asa's grade for the week: B (I'm glad she introduced us to her man, but I want to know what's going to happen with her career).

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