Monday, December 10, 2012

Shahs of Sunset - Oh Snap! PS - I'm Back!

Well, kids, I'm back! And of course, my first blog back has to be about Shahs of Sunset. I'm not saying I won't be blogging about Real Housewives, but I needed to ease myself back into the blogging scene, and the thought of some of the shenanigans on RHOA and RHOBH were a little too much for me to take right now. I will be blogging about them, though. I just want to catch up and give you my best snark possible for those HWs, ya know? As for myself, I feel 100% better and the little week-long sabbatical from all things reality-tv related was just what I needed. Sometimes I just have to step back and make sure I'm ok before I hand out grades (judgment) on these lovely people who let us watch their crazy amazing (for the most part) lives. I feel super grateful and super positive and I feel like Shahs was the perfect show to re-launch the blog (after a week, LOL seriously, I am such a drama queen).

But, enough about me, let's talk Shahs! I AM LOVING THIS SEASON. Episode 1 - winner. It gave me everything I needed - family drama, partying drama, friend drama, and of course, luxuriousness for days. Episode 2 popped off even more than I expected and I feel like we are seeing the true dynamics of this group - they've grown and changed, in ways we didn't really imagine. Who knew all this was going to happen in the first two episodes? Bravo, Bravo! You've outdone yourselves.

Before I give out grades, um ... what happened to Sammy? Just asking.

MJ: You have opened up your soul so far this season, and I honestly feel for you. The whole situation with your mother is heart breaking, but I have to side with your aunt and tell you to leave your mother alone. At least for now. I love that you're in therapy (I will always advocate for therapy, especially when it comes to reality stars), and I think you know exactly why you and your mom have issues. You have to take the time to pull yourself out of this rut you're in - trying to get your mother's approval, because it will not happen right now. Once you free yourself from her expectations and opinions, and do what is truly right for you, she will not respect you. You have to use that pain to propel you forward. I'm rooting for you. However, you have to stop babying GG. Because it's making you look bad at this point. Let GG make her mistakes and stay out of the fights with her and Asa. You can't win being in the middle, regardless of how much you can appreciate both sides. This isn't your fight. Focus on yourself - I mean it. MJ's grade for the week: C+ (for working on herself, but she has to quit the mommy stuff with GG).

GG: Are you and Joanna Krupa related? Because I think you both suffer from the same delusion. Don't get me wrong, I see a much more likable side to you this season. You are softer but you still have that hair trigger. Not cute. Seriously, get off the booze and take a lesson from MJ. Get yourself some therapy and figure out why you want to lash out at people every single time you drink. It's not a coincidence. It's a problem. And sorry, but Obid was super inappropriate at Asa's dinner. You actually weren't that bad at the dinner, but you made up for it at the pool party. You were drunk and horrible. You were ok in the beginning when you were telling Asa why you got offended, but you let your anger take over and it totally negated every good point you would have made. Now, let's talk about the whole business/sister thing. I can see that you're overwhelmed but if you know your sister isn't going to be sensitive to your situation, ASK SOMEONE ELSE for help. Call MJ or some other friend who has a background in business. Ask Reza! The point is, don't come to your sister with this whole "I don't know what I'm supposed to do" bit and then be all sad because she tells you the truth about yourself. I think you definitely need an internship somewhere so you can realize how fortunate you are to just start off a business without any kind of experience. You are in such a blessed position and you don't even appreciate it. GG's grade for the week: F (she's got her head up her ass at this point).

Asa: I can see why GG was offended at what you said - and I think you would have responded differently if she had spoken to you in private before the pool party. The fact is, your comment about Obid's nose was insensitive and rude. But it didn't warrant such a violent reaction from GG. I'm glad you didn't back down, though. No matter what was said, her running towards you in a drunken rage was totally uncalled for. You moved on and didn't engage her at all. Regarding MJ, I think you weren't out of line telling her that she takes GG's side, especially when she hadn't approached you about it until after the fight. I can totally relate to you not wanting to deal with bullshit, but I have to say, you have to watch yourself, too. You can't say inappropriate things and not expect someone (GG) to react. In her case, it was an overreaction, but the point is, lead by example. If you wanted to applaud Obid for not getting a nose job, there was a much better way to say it, and maybe not at a table full of people. You could have told him you love his profile and talked about your profile art. Something like that, something not so ... incendiary as "cheers to your big nose". Asa's grade for the week: C+ (because she did make a rude comment but at least she didn't play into GG's violent behavior).

Lilly: I love you. Seriously. I didn't think I was going to dig you as much as I do. You're super nice, super sweet, and super cool. Of course, you think a lot of yourself but I'm actually willing to overlook it because you're so damn likable. When you stood up to Obid, I was like, YES! I like this girl! I love your friendship with Reza, too. The bikini business is definitely promising - and business will boom with you being on this show, which makes me think you're a smart business lady, and that makes me like you even more. Lilly's grade for the week: A (she really impressed me!).

Reza: You're still my favorite, boo! I love that you're even more fabulous this season. I didn't think that was possible, honestly, but you are. I'm excited to see your relationship with Adam develop on the show. And you are a genius for bringing Lilly on, by the way. The business relationship between you and Mike would be awesome, so I hope you two pursue that. I just love you, that's all. Reza's grade for the week: A (for being himself - and keeping it real with everyone so far this season).

Mike: I love you this season, too! The Italian girlfriend, the partnership with Reza, the whole thing. I love what you're bringing. I also loved that you tried to calm GG down. You're still her friend throughout all her craziness. I just hope she appreciates that. You're a good guy and I think you're gonna do great things. You've got a much better attitude and you just seem to be in a much better place emotionally. Mike's grade for the week: A (he's the new and improved Mike!).

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