Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RHOA - How to Lose a Guy in 1 Vacation

Well, my lovelies, we're back with Real Housewives of Atlanta, still in the beautiful island paradise that is Anguilla. We return with Miss Kenya Gone With the Wind Fabulous Moore, and honeeeeyyyyy, this episode was not to my liking. This blog is going to be brief, just like this episode should have been. I swear, they give us one jam packed episode then one that's all fluff.

I'm just saying, I needed a bit more in this episode because really, nothing actually happened. Everything that occurred was already known, implied, and/or assumed. So, we really just got a big platter full of "we already knew that". But let's get into the grades anyway.

Kenya: I felt pity for you on this episode. That's all I can really say. You were too much giving Cynthia the book, as if she didn't already know Ms. Vanessa Williams' importance. I don't know if you thought it would be funny, but Cynthia gave it right back to you and you had no choice but to stay seated. Now, as for the Walter stuff. None of it makes sense. What kind of man do you know that would want to be dragged into a proposal? You were expecting it (allegedly) because he was playing along with you on the beach in that previous conversation. This is why I believe you did manufacture this relationship. You wanted to have sympathy points. You knew he would flip out at all the marriage talk and that way you could sit there looking pitiful and get us to come around and be on your side. Not gonna happen. We viewers are way too smart for that. Kenya's grade for the week: F (that's a fail for trying to pull one over on us).

Porsha: I was dying laughing when Kordell asked you like three times what you did to Kenya! Like he knew you had to have pushed her buttons somehow. Which you kind of did but it didn't warrant her out of control response, as I stated in my last RHOA blog. This episode, you really kept it together and didn't call her out again - partly because she wouldn't let you get a word in. I think you're absolutely right about that "pageant apology" - it was not an apology at all. And you did what you had to do to make the trip palatable for you and everyone else. You let it go. The raisin face comments? A little below the belt, but it made me laugh, so I can't be mad. Porsha's grade for the week: B (she behaved on the trip but got her digs in on her interviews).

Cynthia: Once again, you stood up for yourself, spoke up for yourself, and put Kenya on the ground, literally! I was SO happy when you put her in her place. Kenya has now learned not to fuck with you and that makes me so proud. You have really planted your flag on this season! I'm just happy you were able to end the whole Kenya conversation with a hug and a laugh. Because that's what it should be on this show - the shade and the laughs. Cynthia's grade for the week: A (she said what she needed to say and she was able to get her point across without any unnecessary drama).

Kandi: I love that you and Nene talked about your differences in the past and got to a good place on this trip. That was way overdue. And I think you were partial to siding with Kim in the past. But you have seen the light - Kim is not a true friend and anything she told you to dissuade you from being cool with Nene is now irrelevant. So, I'm happy you two reconnected and expressed your feelings for each other. Nene is a much better person now and we all see that. And I loved that Todd was working on the vacation. I don't know why but that just made me like him even more. Kandi's grade for the week: A (she is all about the positive so far this season and I'm loving it).

Phaedra: You were really there for Kenya and I appreciate that. You're a better woman than I could have been. Especially after the shenanigans she was pulling with Apollo at the beginning of the vacation. I loved when you said she was out in the forest without a stun gun! You better work that product placement, Phaedra! And on a serious note, you were telling the truth when you said people who want to get engaged haven't been married. It's so true. I'm not married but I know marriage is not the answer to anyone's problems, nor does it fix anything. It's work and it's not easy. So, thank you for putting real knowledge out there for us to benefit from. Phaedra's grade for the week: A (she was so sweet to take care of Kenya, because I know I would have left her out in the forest).

Nene: You had so many good lines this week, it was hard to keep track, so keep that going all season please! I loved the Zen/Yoga/Booty Popping class on the beach. That was hilarious. You know we're watching Housewives of Atlanta when there's booty involved! But seriously, I think your conversation with Kandi was great. I loved that you were real and honest with her and you both came to a nice reconciliation. The whole trip you were just having fun and making it a great time for everyone. At the dinner where Walter set the record straight, you were telling the truth about asking for an engagement for sure. Your advice was spot on. I hope Kenya listens to you for her next relationship. And I think it's nice that you and Greg are so in love again. Nene's grade for the week: A (she had JOKES this week, some more raunchy than others, but she was really fun this week).

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