Monday, December 17, 2012

Shahs of Sunset - Smile Through the Shade

Wow! This week, Shahs of Sunset was turned all the way up! I am really enjoying this season. I think this may be one of Bravo's best shows by far. I'm very invested in the cast and the interactions so far are giving me life! So, let's discuss the episode a little bit. MJ and Reza are on the outs, GG has a disastrous meeting with her father and sister, Mike interviews at Reza and MJ's office, Asa explores some business opportunities, and Lily's bikini line is taking off! I'm ready to hand out some grades ...

Reza: It makes me a little sad that you and MJ are fighting but you did tell MJ how you felt to her face. None of this gossiping behind her back bullshit. You said your peace/piece (I never know which one it is) and left it at that. You two are so close that you both know how to hurt each other and I think both of you got in some low blows. I love to see you in work mode, though, I have to say. If Mike ends up being your partner, I want to see some Persion Million Dollar Listing realness from both of you. I hope you patch things up with MJ eventually. But sometimes, you have to take a break from certain people once in a while. I think you two are overdue for a little space. The fact that MJ is defending GG after she said such horrible things to you is what's really driving all of this. Until MJ realizes this and makes it right, you should probably stay away from both of them. Reza's grade for the week: B (he is justified in his anger towards MJ, and he told her exactly what he was upset about, so I respect that).

MJ: First of all, I still like you. I want you to know that. But you are wrong when it comes to GG. I told you last week, stop defending her. Especially now that we know the awful things she said to Reza. You have to take yourself out of the equation. Instead, you're inserting yourself even further in between Reza and GG's beef. You cannot win in this situation. Get out now! This whole fight with you and Reza is so unnecessary. And I have to comment on the fact that you were not "working from home" in this episode. Maybe you were before the cameras got to your place, but what we saw was some major primping. No work there. I mean, no judgment for keeping yourself looking good. Absolutely no judgment there. But, do not say you're working from home and that's why you stroll into work whenever you want. Own the fact that you make your own pace - just like you said in your interview/confessional. And maybe it is time for you and Reza to part ways professionally. I think that will help your friendship ultimately survive. You two are not compatible as work partners. You have a totally different style. So just be friends and let the work be a separate entity. Regarding Lily, you were very harsh with her at dinner. You know you were wrong for bringing up that photo with her dog. You know you were grasping for anything negative at that point. You just don't like her. It's ok, not everyone clicks. Everyone doesn't have to be BFFs. I think you should have gotten to know her before writing her off, but that's just me. I have to say there is a little bit of jealousy there. It's natural. MJ's grade for the week: D (she is still in the middle of GG's bullshit and it's affecting everything else, plus she was rude to Lily for no reason).

Asa: I love your entrepreneurial spirit! But making diamond water is gonna be one tough gig, my friend! I hope it works out, but at this point, you're better off focusing on your music and art to make money. The diamond water idea is a good one, you just don't have that kind of cash to invest in it. And if you do it, it's gotta be 100% right. I loved the scene with your dad and mom. They are such wonderful people - it really shines through. And I love that you and Lily like each other. It shows that you aren't intimidated by someone who is the exact opposite of you. You seem like you really get to know the person and don't judge a book by its cover. Asa's grade for the week: B (she's still shaky with business but her personality is engaging and real).

GG: I'm not going to say you're crazy, but ... let me just start with your sister. Of course you butt heads, you're sisters. The fact is, she has her facts straight. When you say you just have to market the product, not sell it, you're giving yourself away. You are selling the product. If you're the name and face of the product, you're selling it all day every day. So, you gotta get that right before anything else. I'm kind of blown away at how much animosity there is between the two of you. How did either one of you ever agree to work with the other? It makes no sense. I think you should work with an existing extension/hair company to launch your product. You're not ready for your own business. It's not enough to throw a party. That's really the least of it, actually. So, listen to your sister for what it's worth. Because she's telling you the truth. As for your dad, he adores you. Just get it together, GG. Seriously. I have to touch on what Reza said you called him, and I have to say it's despicable. Now, I'm sure he threw you some digs and hurtful comments right back. But, if what Reza's saying is true, you've gone way too far. GG's grade for the week: F (she really needs to grow up).

Mike: I am SO glad you're going to work with Reza!!! I cannot wait to see what you two achieve together. And you were really good with MJ. I liked how you kept it real with her but you weren't hurtful to her at all. You're really coming into your own this season! Mike's grade for the week: A (he's really impressing me this season).

Lilly: You handled the whole dinner scene with MJ really well. I don't know if I could have kept my composure as much as you did. And you honestly inspired me when you said that haters make you realize how fabulous you are. It's true - why would someone pre-judge you based on nothing more than your appearance? Because you exude something they don't. Maybe it's self-confidence or self-esteem or just looking a certain way. If someone is not happy with themselves, they will tear you down to make themselves feel better. And I've been guilty of that in the past. There's always going to be someone who has something you don't. But that's ok. It's not a reason to hate them. It should inspire us to go get what we want or at the very least push ourselves to be better. All we can be is the best person we can possibly be. No matter what anyone else is doing. So, thank you for being a walking, talking reminder that other people's opinions do not define us as women. We have to build each other up, not tear each other down. Like I said, this is a lesson I have to really put into practice. Because it's so easy to be negative. It's a challenge to be positive and smile even when someone is trying to hurt our feelings. So, thank you. I'm so glad you're on this show!! Lily's grade for the week: A (I just love her personality and how she is always smiling no matter what. She is so happy all the time, it's an inspiration to me).

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