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RHOM - Bimini and Beyond

Hello again, kids! First of all, my apologies for giving you this RHOM blog this late. The holidays really took me to a fun and relaxing state of mind so I got a little lazy and decided to wait to post any blogs. But I'm glad I did because I have a lot to say and this blog will be chock full of fun stuff for you.

First, let's talk about the Bimini trip. Wow! Honestly, the Real Housewives franchise is taking us to some beautiful places so far. I can't wait to see where the OC girls take their vacation. Oh and New York better give us a girls' trip, too. Anyway, the Bimini experience was a little under the weather, literally, so that made for some hilarious wardrobe moments. I will say the trip ended beautifully, and yes, I cried. Don't judge me. And let me just give props to the musical director of these last three episodes. The music was phenomenal. You deserve an Emmy, whoever you are.

I cannot wait for the Reunion!!! I swear, these ladies are bringing it from what I've seen on the previews.

For the record, this blog will cover Episodes 13, 14, and 15 (the season finale). So, let's get cracking and please, Bravo, don't ever show me the conch penis again.

Adriana: Even though the ladies left you while you went to get your passport, you didn't make a huge deal out of it, which I appreciated. You got along with everyone on the trip and personally, I couldn't have cared less how many suitcases you brought. I don't know why anyone would even worry about it. I'm pretty sure the plane can handle your 5 suitcases or whatever it was. I have to talk about the piano scene. That was so lovely. I love seeing that side of you. I do believe you're cultured and talented, it's just that Real Housewives doesn't always have room to showcase that. I wish they would feature these kinds of scenes more often. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Please let the cameras be rolling, because I think it will be a gorgeous event. It was so great to see your son give his blessing (somewhat) to you marrying Frederick. And he's right, you're already a family now. I think the wedding and the marriage is a bigger deal for you because that means you're truly breaking down those walls and trusting Frederick totally. Which is huge, so I'm truly happy for you. I think you ended the season on a wonderful note - especially your healing speech at the beach. I hope that you are back next season and we have more fun moments with you. Let's leave the ugliness and fighting in the past. Adriana's grade for the week: A (she finished up the season with some great heartfelt moments).

Lea: Although your voice was piercing my eardrums in Bimini, I understood your point. I'm not sure I agree with that evil plot you have if your husband ever cheats on you (was that psycho or what?), in fact, I'm absolutely sure I don't agree with it. Wow! Anyway, you made some great points with Karent but she's not you and you have to accept that she wants to learn things the hard way. You can't force her to feel what you feel. I really enjoyed your talk with Lisa about having a child. You were really sweet with her and gave her wonderful advice. And you gave her career advice which was above and beyond - so I appreciate that. I have to address the blow up in Bimini with Marysol. It was like a merry go round at times, but you stated facts. You had evidence. You really put it all on the table. The bottom line was you were affected by what Marysol did and you wanted and deserved an apology. I'm still not sure if you got one, but you were right to let it go and hug it out. I'm not even mad at you for saying you only have time for Marysol in social situations. I think that's more than sufficient. You don't owe her anything and vice versa. But I will ask you to calm down and stop expressing an opinion when it hasn't been asked for. Seriously, what business was it of yours how much luggage Adriana brought??? And why did you have to announce your stance on it 15 different times??? Enough already!!! Lea's grade for the week: C (she annoyed me to a certain point, but she had some redeeming moments).

Joanna: You really don't ever learn, do you. I have to commend you for getting along with everyone on the trip, especially Adriana, but why on Earth would you blurt out the rumor about Alexia's husband when it had absolutely no place in the conversation? That was just stupid. I know, I know, you say what's on your mind. But sometimes, it doesn't need to be said. You have to think before you speak. But that's always been a challenge for you so I'm not expecting much from you in that department. I do think it was smart of you to separate the women in Bimini and it actually helped the trip in the end, so good on you for that. I have to call you out on jumping on Marysol's back and bringing up Elaine when no one was talking about that situation. I don't care how relevant you thought it was - the conversation was about Alexia and Karent, and Marysol was saying that everyone has to apologize and then you butted in and started something else. I don't want to say you're a shit stirrer, you're more like a shit thrower. You throw the shit for no apparent reason. As for your relationship with Romain, the last scene of the finale said you're not engaged, but you and Romain are clearly still together according to your social media activity. I'm just saying, if you come back next season, show us you're working on your relationship (therapy), your drinking (therapy), and your attitude (therapy). If not, I don't want to see the spoiled brat we watched all season all over again. Joanna's grade for the week: C (still not a fan but she did behave herself at the end of the season).

Marysol: Well, you didn't do yourself any favors in Bimini when Lea came at you with solid facts. All you could say is "I didn't know that". Are you serious??!! Ugh, it got to be so bad that I just wanted you to admit to everything just to get it over with. I'm glad you and Lea buried the hatchet at the end of it. Just make sure it stays buried, because I don't ever want to hear about that bullshit ever again. Regarding Phillipe, I'm glad you finalized the divorce. I think it's the best thing for you both. I'm not going to say it was a sham of a relationship but it was clear Phillipe was done done done. Do not hold onto someone who clearly cannot wait to leave. The idea of the healing hole was a good one and it turned out great. Like I said, each lady expressing themselves and exposing the hurt they were going through brought me to tears. It's true, we all have something we're battling. So it was a very unifying experience to see in Bimini and I thank you for bringing that to us this season. Your 10 year company anniversary party was a wonderful success and I was not surprised Elaine showed up to perform. The real T is, did you pay her? Just kidding! If you come back next season, I need to see you with a man who actually pays attention to you and I need more comedy with Mama Elsa. And no more mean girl stuff. Marysol's grade for the week: C (she was a disaster in Bimini but she pulled it together for the finale so I give her credit for that).

Alexia: Well, that whole article was a major bust and I'm wondering now if that was some idiot producer's idea to mix up the drama on the trip. All that to flush the damn article away? Mama Elsa was right, you dragged stupid drama into the vacation for no reason. And why? Why? Why did you have to ask 8 different people if you should tell Karent when you knew you were gonna tell her in front of everyone anyway? That was the dumbest thing ever. Again, I don't know if you were following Bravo orders or what but it was so pointless. I wish your role on the show could have been more than just trashing Karent the whole time. If you come back next season, I want to see more of you at work and at home - of course we want to know how your son is progressing. I really do like you, I just think this scaled back role on the show didn't do you justice. Alexia's grade for the week: D (I have to be honest, her role in the last few episodes didn't impress me, but I still like her as a person a lot).

Lisa: Here's another one that I like a lot but I have to call you out as well. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER understand someone that gets a great trip to an exotic locale and the first thing they do is complain about the accommodations. WTF??? Honey badger, no. Brat, yes. I understand, they were little sailboat beds but um ... I'm sure there's a Hilton or a Marriott around and you can pay for your own damn room. Just saying. That really irked me. Anyway, your talks with the ladies all pretty much showed you're a goodhearted woman who really wants to be a mom. Great, I love it. I hope you do have a child very soon. If you're on next season, show us what you're doing to stack the odds in your favor like Lea said. I won't really go in on Daisy's surgery because it was what it was and I didn't think it added to your storyline at all. Lisa's grade for the week: C (she really pissed me off with the whole bed thing but she is a likable cast member and she should return next season).

Karent: Praise the Lord, you got rid of Rodolfo's trifling ass! I'm just SAYING! I was waiting ALL SEASON for you to dump him, and we get it in the ending segment of the finale??? Anyway, you handled the whole article thing your way, which is not my way but that's just a matter of personality. You did want to act like everything was ok because you didn't want to be embarrassed by this group, which is understandable. And in reality, I think you were mislead by Rodolfo. I think he lied to you from day one. So you obviously couldn't have the girls throw that in your face so you chose to pretend like it didn't bother you. But of course it did. Lea didn't need to scream it in your face for you to get it. And your impersonation of her was PERFECT! Good for you for giving her a taste of her own medicine. I'm just saying. The fact that you left to go be with your father really spoke to me. I think I speak for all the viewers when I say you made the right choice and I hope your father is doing better. The scenes with you and your mother really made me feel like that was the real you. And the Karent we met at the beginning of the season was trying way too hard to make us like her. You're a fantastic person - and when you're just being yourself and talking to your mom - that finally shows. No Rodolfo, no spokesperson, no over-the-top antics, just Karent. Karent's grade for the week: B (she finally revealed who she is and I feel like she should have just been herself this whole time).

Ana: Gurl, why are you still doing Robert's laundry??? Please tell me Bravo put that in the finale for laughs only. On the trip, you were trying the best you could to stay out of the drama, but you had a breakthrough when you realized you were not the Ana in question when Karent confronted you in the beginning of the season. So you were vindicated, which I loved. Now, about Robert. I think you were waaaayyyy too attached and maybe a little codependent, which sucks because you have a boyfriend. So, as hard as it was to break that bond and no longer be Robert's wife on paper, you had to do it. I'm glad you did and I hope you're a million miles away from that person who was still holding on to something that was already over. I know you were worried about your girls, but they are truly stand up kids. They're lovely young ladies and they're gonna be fine. I really liked how you admitted you thought the healing hole was going to be ridiculous but it ended up being really good for you. And you took that conch penis like a champ! I do want to see you back next season but I want to see how your relationship is going and I want to see you working on your chef game - a restaurant of your own, perhaps? Ana's grade for the week: B (she made me laugh and I think she brought some much needed commentary to the show).

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