Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tri-State Update

Two blogs in one day! I know! But it's been a crazy week and I'm catching up on all my shows. I don't think I'm completely caught up yet, but I'm getting there.

I FINALLY watched this week's Mob Wives. Forgive me! I gotta say the show was pretty tame. No hair pulling, no face pushing, and the only gun play was aimed at raccoons. Sigh. The last few episodes really spoiled me. I was looking forward to fights every week. But this episode was rich with emotional drama, which is almost as good.

The raccoon hunt was definitely one of the funniest things that have gone down on this show. The fact that Drita's so pumped to pop a raccoon in the ass with a paintball gun is hilarious to me. Looks like she almost got him, too. It was a fun time, anyway. I like seeing Drita happy. She really is a funny lady, she's got more one-liners than the rest on this show. Wouldn't it be fun to see her and Bethenny (queen of the one-liners) sit down and have a couple drinks? I have a feeling those two would have a blast together!

As for Karen and her book, I'm wondering why she's surprised that people are not too thrilled about it. I get her point that this book isn't about her father, but he is going to be in it in some way. It's about her life - and he was in her life, so he is going to be mentioned at some point. I think her best defense is that she's trying to shed light on what the mob life does to the kids growing up in that world. On that level, the book works. It definitely shouldn't be a tell-all about her father or the mob in any way. If she keeps it on a personal level and doesn't name too many names, she should be alright.

It was nice seeing the girls get together and get along. I knew Renee would stir up something and it was just a matter of time before she dropped the Junior bomb on them. First of all, who exactly is surprised by this? Not me! Renee is so far gone when it comes to Junior, it's not even funny. She still has him up on a pedestal, and takes pride in being his ex-wife and mother of his child. Let's remember when that guy at the bar caused a scene. Who did Renee call to take care of it? Junior. They're probably, as Dr. Drew would say, enmeshed in each other's lives. Even after a divorce, they won't ever truly move on. Renee would have to totally remove herself from the life she's built to really get over him, and that ain't happening.

I can see why the girls were so upset when Renee told them Junior moved back in with her. They've all been trying to help her move on, and her letting him back in is kind of a slap in their faces. "Hey, I know I said I wanted to move on, and you were helping me do that, but now I just took 10 steps backwards. Thanks for everything!" Come on, Renee, you had to know that they weren't going to be happy to hear the news. But, like I said, these ladies know Renee isn't ready to say goodbye to Junior for good. In this situation, the ladies should wish her well and stay out of it. Renee's gonna do what she wants, period.

I'm looking forward to seeing Carla's husband come home. For some reason, I thought he didn't know she was leaving him. But, apparently, he does. When she was on the phone with him while buying sneakers (aka "sneekas"), he eluded to it. Does he know about her grabby boyfriend? Will they have some kind of altercation at some point? I can only hope ...

I have to mention the conversation between Drita and her daughter Aleeya regarding "rats". Wow. I can't even imagine trying to explain that to a kid. On one hand, yes, loyalty is a good thing. On the other, it can get you into trouble if you're loyal to the wrong people. And ratting people out involves saving yourself while sinking someone else. There's a whole moral conflict there that's pretty complex for a pre-teen to comprehend. But I liked what Drita said at the end, that ultimately, if you're with people who are doing bad things, and you're doing bad things too, and you get caught, it's your own fault. You have to take responsibility for your actions. And if you do the crime, you do the time. That's it.

Now we're gonna mosey on over to Jersey to dish about the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Again, nothing too exciting, but a lot of emotional stuff. Let's start with the obvious. Teresa and Joe Gorga. By the way, there are like a million and a half Joes in this family! But I digress.

Joe and Teresa talk to everyone else about their feud and never talk to each other. Isn't that how most families do it? Oh. Just mine? Never mind. So Joe talks about talking to Teresa and Teresa talks about talking to Joe. The talking to each other, however, still hasn't happened. Joe leaves Teresa a voicemail acknowledging the letter and asks to come to Gia's gymnastics meet. Nice! Except he shows up late because there are five different start times being thrown around. 1? 1:30? 12:30? Who knows? Melissa, Joe's wife, gets the cold shoulder from everyone, including her own mother in law, but then again, she doesn't approach anyone either. It takes two, you know. We'll have to wait till next week to see Teresa and Joe sit down and have the conversation they should have had months/years ago. Stay tuned.

Now, let's discuss Ashley. The most entitled young woman I've ever seen on television. And that's saying a lot. I used to watch "The Simple Life" with Paris and Nicole. Ashley gets a car! Again! Man, are we just recycling old plot ideas on this show? This time, Jacqueline isn't thrilled about it and tells Ashley to do the right thing. Like make her car payments. Yes, Ashley, that is the right thing. But I can't worry too much about you since your parents will essentially make your car payments for you if you can't or won't do it yourself. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Jacqueline and I like Chris. I think Jacqueline is fun and funny this season and I love that she's not in the middle of anyone else's drama. She tried to help Teresa with her brother but even she was fed up with that whole scene and got the hell out of dodge. I just hope Ashley gets over this "I'm-too-cool-to-appreciate-anything" phase soon, or else she's gonna have an extremely rude awakening when she really is on her own.

Caroline's sad because her kids are grown. Again with this? Alright, let's go there. She's sad because she has no poopy diapers to clean up, no lunches to make, and no boogers to wipe off. Ok, I'm being mean, but seriously, why isn't she happy that she finally has time for herself? Maybe the radio thing will help with this. By the previews of next week's show, she has a rough start. But an advice-themed radio show does seem like a good fit for her, and if people like her brand of matriarchy, then it'll be a good move for her. I notice she does an advice column on in addition to her show blogs. So that's an indication that it's working out.

Kathy's family is hilarious! Her kids seem really well behaved (in comparison to Ashley, that is), and they have great personalities. I like the idea of the contracts, and the fact that the kids write down what they're committed to doing and understand that they're making that commitment to themselves first. That little Joe is a character - like his dad - and he could be a breakout star this season. And Victoria's story about her brain tumor is truly touching, and I hope her charity function goes well. I really like Kathy and Rich as a couple. They are real and down-to-earth. They may be my favorites this season, we'll see. I still can't wait for Kathy's "KOO-KOO!" outburst on the Dominican Republic trip!

And Melissa wants to be a pop star. Enough said. Just kidding, of course I have more to say about it. Honestly her voice is pretty good. I think she should definitely go for it as a fun thing to do. But we'll see how that storyline plays out throughout the rest of the season.

Tomorrow night is a new Real Housewives of New York where we find out all about Sonja's money troubles.

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