Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Loyalty, Betrayal, and Accusations - Mob Wives Season 1 Finale Episode

First of all, wow. I mean, WOW! What a finale! I'm a day late with this blog because I just watched it last night, so please forgive me.

I have a lot of opinions about the finale, so let's start with Drita's discovery about Lee cheating. I was mistaken on my last Mob Wives-related blog, by the way. I thought Karen told Drita something about Lee - which I thought was the cause of the fight. Not the case. We now know that Drita found out Lee was cheating from the beauty salon owner. My first reaction: Drita's going to go visit Lee in jail and give him a knuckle sandwich. I expected her to take his next call and verbally rip him a new one, similar to the phone call we saw earlier in the season. But she doesn't. She's hurt and crushed - completely humiliated. I don't think we've seen her this sad before. She turns to Carla, who I've grown to like more and more, and says she doesn't want to give him the satisfaction of even hearing her voice. Wow. Honestly, my heart broke for Drita. What a kick in the head, to know that the man you're waiting for, defending, and standing up for betrayed you all those years ago and you had no idea. That's the part that would hurt me the most, to go on for years like everything was ok, just to find out in an instant that it was all a lie.

Drita talks to a lawyer about her options, should she decide to file for divorce. Looking somewhat terrified of Drita, the Santa Claus look-alike tells her she has MULTIPLE grounds for divorce. Ya think? You don't need to be a lawyer to figure that one out. Drita's been through so much with Lee, if she did decide to divorce him, I don't think anyone - not even Lee - would blame her. Drita tells the lawyer Lee is "tricky" and might not sign the divorce papers just to spite her. Lee's image is just getting better and better. What a catch. I honestly hope Drita moves on and finds someone else. Just the fact that he was with someone like Karen for 7 years would be enough reason to never talk to him again.

Speaking of Karen - Miss Loyalty-is-Everything, turns out she is an admitted cheater! OMG, Karen, I had no idea! Cheating is so not a big deal! Making out with other people's boyfriends is ok! Ugh. I can't stand women like this. Seriously, this is why Drita and Karen can never be friends again. Think about it. Karen's perspective is so warped that she doesn't see anything wrong with betraying other people - she just can't take it when she thinks someone else is betraying her.

Karen's argument is that Drita was her "girl" and no matter how much time passed without talking or hanging out, Drita had an obligation to tell her that she was with Lee. Here's the problem. Karen admitted to cheating with multiple men while she was with Lee. She broke up with Lee to be with David, who she was cheating with for quite some time. The way Karen describes the break up, it was anti-climactic to say the least. She told Lee about David, and that was that. Karen doesn't feel the need to be loyal or faithful to anyone but herself. As long as it's convenient for her, she's good.

Karen is the definition of a self-centered person. When you feel that you can do whatever you want with no conscience or remorse or consequences, but you are constantly claiming other people are treating you badly - guess what: You are the problem. Karen needs to read a book instead of write one at this point. Gurl, get it together. You are not the victim. You created all of this with your actions. And here's another newsflash, you're not the only one who makes mistakes. A little compassion would be nice once in a while. And Drita is no angel, either. She's got some things to work on as well (like not throwing decorative candles at people's heads), but at least she tries to be rational before she flips out. The conversation didn't get out of control until Karen stood up and lunged at Drita (Renee stopped Karen and held her back). More on the rooftop brawl later.

Let's take a moment and remember how Karen started this season, shall we? She was the outsider coming back to the old neighborhood to write her book. And who was there for her when no one else was? Drita. Now, once Karen squashed her beef with Renee, she started talking about how she's still hurt over the Lee situation. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: WHY DIDN'T SHE TALK TO DRITA ABOUT IT FROM THE BEGINNING? Why did she wait until she was cool with Renee to do it? Because she needed someone on her side before she could take on Drita. It's so obvious.

Carla made an excellent point in her interview when she said that Karen probably thought she and Drita were closer than they really were. That's why Drita was under the impression that since they didn't talk for a year, they were no longer friends. Now, we've all been there. You're close with someone, you hangout all the time, and then you don't. So are you still friends or not? It's honestly a toss-up. I tend to think that if you haven't talked to someone for over a year, and there was no falling out with that person, but you just lost touch over time, then you're more acquaintances than anything. But that's just me.

Renee's view on it is that Karen  and Drita's friendship is BS. And she's right. It's sad, because we know Karen took Drita in and had her living in her house at one point. We know they were close. But sometimes friendships aren't built on a strong enough foundation to last a lifetime. It really depends on what their friendship was based on. If it was partying, then that isn't a very strong foundation. You can't be surprised when you grow apart from people that you didn't have much in common with from the beginning anyway. I hope they'll shed some light on this on the reunion, which airs July 10th - hosted by none other than Wendy Williams! Sweet!

So the last scene of the finale takes place on a rooftop lounge. This scares me. Renee says somebody better have an umbrella just in case they need to pull a Mary Poppins. LOL! Say what you will about Renee, she's funny. And who else noticed she was a little too eager to see Drita and Karen fight??? Hmmm. Anywhoo, the conversation starts out calmly enough. Drita is definitely agitated when she gets there. But she has a lot on her mind. She just found out Lee cheated. She's contemplating divorce. She's not in any mood to have Karen try to test her. Karen can't help herself and gets an attitude, thereby firing Drita up even more. I'm not condoning Drita's behavior. In fact, what she should have done was let Karen spill the beans about her past and let the truth come out. The looks that Carla and Renee were giving when Drita called Karen out on being a cheater were proof that they're not particularly impressed with Karen's past.

Drita let her rage take over, and she shouldn't have. In her interview, she says she blacked out. I believe it. I think she really lost her mind there. Karen, on the other hand, knew exactly what she was doing. She was prepared to fight with Drita and she knew how to push her buttons. She knew that she could get a rise out of her and she did. And Renee was literally stuck in the middle, and got hurt in the process. Let's see how eager she is to see a fight next time! That's what she gets. Stay out of it from now on, Renee.

I'm looking forward to the reunion, of course. I hope they talk about Karen's book - when is it coming out? Did she only finish that one chapter? (I'm kidding!) I want to know how Carla's kids are doing and if their dad is spending time with them, and did he find a place to live? I would like for Renee to update us on her job and whether she's spoken to Junior or not. And I want to know if Drita is divorcing Lee, and how she feels about Karen now that some time has passed. I know Karen was blasting Drita on Twitter for a while, but I haven't seen anything about that recently.

And lastly, I want to say to VH1 - when you tell people to go to VH1.com to see the rest of the fight, please have the courtesy to actually have the video on your site. I looked for almost 30 minutes and didn't find it. All you had there was the footage that aired on the show. Not what you promised - UNSEEN footage of the aftermath of the fight. Just saying.

Until the reunion, my friends!!