Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girl Fight - Can't We All Just Get Along? (No)

Greetings, friends!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Today I want to talk about Girl Fights - a few in particular, actually. This kind of relates to a previous blog (Toxic Friendships - Magnified by Reality Shows). But this time, we'll be delving into the details of some of the recent Girl Fights on our favorite reality shows.

Let's start with Basketball Wives: this week Tami finally blew up at Meeka. To be honest, it was about time. Someone NEEDED to set Mrs. Claxton straight. First of all, she needs to calm down. Drink some chamomile, girl, please. I'm exhausted just listening to her talk (the only thing I agree with Evelyn on). Second, has she EVER seen this show before? When you talk about any of the ladies behind their backs, they WILL find out about it, trust. And third, where's Shaunie in all this? Is she so over this show that she only has to be on the first couple episodes for 5 minutes and then she gets to fade out? I apologize, let's get back to the fight in question.

At the polo match, Meeka thinks she's cute (while she's clearly tagging along with Jen and Evelyn, who aren't that into her), and proceeds to tell them she pretty much can't bring herself to be friends with the other clique, which consists of Tami and Royce. Suzie's playing both sides in an effort to be friends with everyone, which, for the moment seems to be working with Jen and Evelyn - not so much with Royce and Tami. When Suzie, Tami, and Royce arrive, everyone is behaving in a civil manner. Could it be there will be no drama at this classy event? Don't count on it.

Meeka antagonizes Tami by asking her if she's been drinking, which she hasn't. And as Tami points out in her interview, if she was, it's none of Meeka's business. Tami sends some verbal jabs Meeka's way, and in true Meeka fashion, she can't control her motor mouth. Meeka gets up out of her chair, and Tami warns her to sit down or things might get out of hand. Does Meeka listen? Of course not. Tami then throws some perfectly crafted insult bombs: You're not in the circle! You'll NEVER be in the circle! They don't even LIKE you! I'll be here when you're LONG gone! ... I doubt Meeka heard any of it as she was babbling something about not thinking about Tami, but she wasn't making any sense. Tami and Royce leave the scene with Suzie following behind, where she's comfortable.

Now let's discuss: Tami did what all these ladies need to start doing. When someone starts acting up, just put your opponent in her place. It's the equivalent of a knock out in the first round. If your opponent is worthy, they'll come back with some valid (and hopefully entertaining) retorts and the battle will be epic. But don't pull a Meeka and come up with some lame excuses (You like drama). It didn't get physical, which is a good thing. I'm really proud of Tami for not physically harming Meeka, because you know she could have done some real damage. I prefer verbal altercations, that way, you can clearly see who has a quick, sharp wit, and who's just lame and out of their league.

This leads me to another Basketball Wives match up - from last week - Royce vs. Evelyn. If you didn't see it, Suzie took Royce to talk to Jen and Evelyn (I still don't know what she thought she was accomplishing), and not long into the conversation, Royce and Jen were in a heated argument. Evelyn started to make comments and Royce told her to shut up. They exchanged profanities, and Evelyn threw a drink at Royce. Again with the drink throwing? Get a new gimmick, Ev. Well, Royce didn't back down, she threw a glass at her and swung, but missed.

We can clearly see that Evelyn cannot just have a verbal argument, she always has to make it physical - not only in this instance with Royce, but also when she tore up Tami's lawsuit documents and threw them in Tami's face. Ev always needs to throw something in someone's face instead of sit/stand there and have an adult conversation. Granted, Royce and Evelyn should have never been face to face, their beef is a lost cause. However, I think that if Evelyn actually took the time to listen to other people and not react (overreact), she may just see the other person's side. But we all know that's not happening anytime soon. Maybe motherhood (this time with Chad, I'm aware she has a daughter) will soften her? Let's hope.

Over on Mob Wives, Karen gave Drita the first chapter of her book to read. Drita is uneasy about it, since Karen basically told her she doesn't care if Drita's husband doesn't want to be mentioned in the book or not. Drita tells Carla she doesn't really want to read it, because if she does, and there's something in there she doesn't like, she's not going to be able to do anything about it (except smash Karen's face in, right?). Carla suggests waiting till the final product comes out and finding out with the rest of the world. I don't know about you, but I'd actually appreciate the heads-up. Now, I'm not a Karen fan, but if I were Drita, I would just read it and get it over with. Why wait?

We'll get to see how this plays out on the finale this Sunday. The sneak peek shows Karen bringing up the subject of her ex/Drita's husband, Lee, and Drita defends herself by clarifying that she and Karen weren't friends or speaking when she got together with Lee. In fact, Drita says, if anyone should be holding grudges, it should be her - Karen hooked up with Drita's boyfriend when they first became friends. Then, there's supposedly a big secret about Lee that Karen reveals to the group. That's when the brawl happens.

Now, I've commented on this before. But Karen needs to let it go. She's looking real stupid right now. She basically admits befriending Drita because no one else would talk to her, then, when she finally becomes friends with Renee, she turns on Drita. Over something that happened years and years ago. Seriously, if it bothered you that much, Karen, you should have worked it out with Drita before you stepped foot in Staten Island again. I honestly think Karen used Drita to get in good with the other ladies on the show, and once that happened, she had no use for Drita anymore, and she could finally unleash the anger she'd been feeling the entire time. If I were Drita, I'd be angry too, and hurt, for that matter.

I don't blame Drita for not wanting to read the book, but I definitely think she should. There's too much in there that may affect her and her family to NOT read it. Especially if Karen's dropping bombshells about Lee that Drita wasn't aware of. We'll have to wait till Sunday to find out.

In other news, the Real Housewives of New York are taping their reunion today!! Well, it's probably already over by now. But still, it's always exciting to know that at this very moment, someone might be walking off the set, apologizing, telling someone to eff off, or maybe even pushing Andy Cohen down in his host throne. I can't wait to see the reunion, which should air in about a month or so.

What do you think of the Girl Fights on reality shows? Let me know by commenting or tweet me @humorandspice! Hope to hear from you soon!