Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Real Hypocrites of Orange County (Reunion Parts 1 & 2)

Well, hello again!

First, let me just clarify, this isn't going to be a recap, so if you haven't watched the reunion (both parts), check your local listings or go to

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunions are always explosive. But something was different about this one. I guess the best way to put it is that there was no clear "winner", everyone came out looking a little guilty in the end. Which is appropriate, because all of these ladies got into the mud at some point during the season. Let's discuss!

Vicki admitted that she ended her marriage with Donn, and that it was her decision. She also revealed that she had the divorce papers served to him at work, per her lawyer. Ouch. Then we got to see Donn, and I have to say, I feel for the guy. But he's definitely better off without Vicki. I think he'll be just fine. As for Vicki, she's already in a new relationship (remind you of anyone? Tamra?) and says her love tank is finally full again. Gag. Vicki - I'm gonna be real with you. I think you're a smart lady and seem to be fun to hang out with, but you have got to stop being so selfish. Vicki also commented that her daughter Briana is at odds with her over her new boyfriend. I believe it! Briana has interviewed in the past that although Donn isn't her biological father, she sees him as her dad. It's a painful situation, and Vicki shouldn't be surprised that Briana is not on board with the whole new boyfriend thing. Vicki admitted she hurt Donn, and I give her credit for that, but there's something a little arrogant about her attitude when discussing it. Can't put my finger on it.

Tamra got into it with just about everyone this season and she seems to enjoy every minute of it. At the beginning of the season she tried (pretended?) to try to make nice with Gretchen, but then the evil eye hat came out and that was the end of that. Tamra had something to say about everyone (except Vicki and Peggy for the most part). My gut reaction to Tamra is that she likes the drama and can't help but get involved in everyone else's business so that she gets more camera time. The sad part is, she's a mom, and that never seems to cross her mind. Maybe because the kids can't watch the show or anything on Bravo, according to a court order. Maybe she feels like her kids will NEVER see it? But that's unrealistic. At some point, they will be old enough (over 18) to watch reruns/DVDs and see what was going on. And Tamra has been downright vicious at times this season. We've all seen it.

Gretchen stood up for herself against Tamra and Vicki and I feel she held her own. It's tough to go up against those two, and I give her props for doing so. Tamra and Vicki brought up any and all old insults they could find and threw them at Gretchen as if it was the first time they had ever argued. Gretchen knew better and kept calling them out on their own indiscretions, especially Tamra. But what impressed me the most is when Gretchen told Tamra that she is the one that gossips and talks to the press about everyone else and then gets mad when someone does it to her. Bingo! Another fun exchange was when Vicki literally screamed at Gretchen for doing the show while Jeff was dying. The whole thing was repetitive and didn't really go anywhere. Waste of reunion time.

Peggy confronted Alexis about not wanting her on the show, dating Jim, and the competition between them. Although I don't always agree on what Peggy says (sometimes she's just too out there for my taste), she made a lot of sense on the reunion. At one point, Andy Cohen asked her what Tamra and Gretchen should do to work things out and her answer was to "stop bitching". Wow! What a concept! But let's get back to Peggy and Alexis. I truly believe Peggy when she says Alexis changed and started treating her differently once she got the show. Alexis tried to say it was because she didn't want the show to ruin their friendship but I don't buy that. I think Alexis knew Peggy was likeable and would probably get along with her nemeses Tamra and Vicki, and that would tip the numbers against her and Gretchen. I could be reading a lot into it, but whatever. In any case, Peggy IS likeable and seems to be honest whether it's good or bad. I hope she comes back next season.

Speaking of Alexis, well, let's just say she didn't come out looking so great. Her explanations about her marriage, her views on liberals, and what couture means are always a circular conversation. When she finishes talking, you're never quite sure what it is she just said. It's like a little word maze and Alexis is always in the middle. Alexis tried to defend herself but her immaturity is just too overwhelming. For example, she blamed Peggy for not telling her that she and Jim dated casually in the past, instead of holding Jim accountable. Then she explained that they never discussed past relationships when they got together because they were starting a new chapter. Ok, fair enough. Then Alexis proceeds to tell Peggy she's a bad friend because she didn't reveal that little tidbit when they became friends. Wait, what?! I thought you didn't want to know about your husband's past?! Or is it that he's not willing to tell you, so you just don't ask ... Hmmmm. Either way, Alexis barely made any sense and I actually felt sorry for her. She needs to not be on this show anymore.

There were quite a few guests on the reunion. Slade came by and got into it with Tamra, again. About his child support issues, again. I swear, didn't we go over this last year? And possibly the year before? Can we give it a rest now? And I don't even like Slade! I don't agree with Tamra walking off and calling Michelle, the mother of Slade's son backstage. I think that was pretty low and just proves Tamra will do anything for some extra attention. Jeanna stopped in as well and Tamra ripped into her as well. I'm not a Jeanna fan either, but when Vicki said her loyalty is with Tamra, I think we all saw Jeanna's heart break a little. But like I said, I'm not a Jeanna fan, and she runs her mouth just as much as Tamra. So I'm not surprised her friendships with the remaining housewives have all crumbled. Lynn chatted for a bit and I don't really know what she was talking about but she's fun and silly and a nice diversion. I miss her.

Overall, this reunion was pretty tame except for a few standout moments. I think they could replace Alexis at this point and be ok. If they wanted to give Fernanda a bigger role, that would be alright if she became closer friends with more of the cast. And no more kissing Tamra. That's not good for anyone. I think Peggy should definitely stay, and maybe they should bring in a couple of new ladies. Change it up a bit.

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