Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bad Vibes

Someone hold me because this week's Real Housewives of New York has got me all kinds of upset. Let's just start with this - travelling with people you don't know very well is a nightmare. Everyone has their own idea of what the trip should be, and most of the time, no one is on the same page. You'd think in a place as gorgeous as St. Bart's it would be a breeze to just let the drama go and have a good time, but not with this bunch. It's a shame, really, because they're bickering over nothing. And a little common courtesy would have resolved this whole mess. Let's begin. 

Aviva: I empathize with you for some reason, even though I don't suffer (as many) phobias (that I know of). And I totally understand why you needed your husband there for you - you're afraid of planes! You deal with your phobias your own way. I don't even mind that you brought your husband because his intentions were to get you there and get some work done, not ruin the girls' trip. It is insulting that some of the ladies were making plans to rid themselves of your husband before he even had a chance to tell them he wanted nothing to do with them. And I don't think you were even mad about the whole topless thing - it was the hotel thing. That's what did it. You made all this effort to come and then you find out that Ramona and Sonja were plotting to ask your husband to leave??? Not cool. Now, I don't know why you called them "white trash", because that part of the scene seemed very chopped up (what the eff with the editing, Bravo?!), so it didn't quite make sense when we saw it. I would love to know what prompted you to say that - or at least what the conversation was before that comment came out. Either way, you stood up for yourself and your husband and frankly (my new favorite word, thanks to you), if I were you I would have gone to a resort with my husband and flipped Ramonja the bird on my way out. But you stayed and went to dinner and even called Ramona out on wanting to move your seat. LOL! Aviva's grade for the week: B (for dealing with her phobias and for going toe to toe with Ramonja). 

Luann: You do have a way of saying the one thing that's going to incite an argument, you know that, right? I mean, you could have stayed out of Aviva and Ramonja's conversation all together, but that would have been no fun for you. Plus, you had to keep the focus off of you and your whole Tomas/Italian friends fiasco. So, you diverted the attention elsewhere and threw the grenade. It was smart, I'll give you that. Necessary? Not really. Because Ramona was going to keep having an attitude about Reid being there no matter what and Aviva was going to defend him being there no matter what. But good job getting the heat off you. Luann's grade for the week: B (for making sure she wasn't in the hotseat anymore).

Carole: I don't blame you for telling Carole that you can't ask Ramonja to leave. If you played into that, it'd be a whole Scary Island Part II up in this bitch and you don't need that. Seriously, you handled it the best way possible. And it sucks you missed Russ' rehearsal because of all the back and forth. I LOVED when you piped up on the stairs and yelled out that you could hear everything! So funny, but I'm sure it was very annoying at the time. This'll teach you to plan a girls' trip with these ladies. Maybe Heather was on to something in London after all ... Carole's grade for the week: A (for keeping calm and carrying on).

Heather: I really have begun to enjoy you. These last few episodes you've made a lot of sense and you haven't been super annoying at all. I love it. Just keep doing what you're doing. You really didn't have anything to do with the fight and you were a good friend to Carole. Nice job. Heather's grade for the week: A (because I like her now!)

Sonja: I hope you realize how ... sad this whole persona is that you've created for yourself. No one's saying you can't be saucy and fun and flirty, but you threw yourself at Tomas. After Luann allegedly had him the night before. Barf. Seriously, no wonder you two had no problem swapping Harry back in the day. That is so disgusting - and so unnecessary. You're lonely. We get it. But this whole swinging singles thing you're doing is beneath you. You're a gorgeous, smart, funny lady. Why can't you treat yourself with some dignity and not fall all over every cute boy you see? It's really confusing to me. Now, let's talk about your conversation with Aviva. I understood why you wanted to smooth things over with her and help her understand that you and Ramona actually wanted to get a hotel room for the two of you - not for him. But, let's be real, at one point you WERE talking about how to ask him to leave. That's true. At this point, if I were you I would look around and ask myself: "Is this really how I want to present myself to the world?" I'm all for fun, but you and Ramona take fun and turn it into an excuse to be completely out of control. And that is not sexy. Sonja's grade for the week: D (for trying to play both sides when it's obvious she's just lost).

Ramona: So disappointed. Really. I understand you got the hotel for you and Sonja - and that's what you should have lead with. You should have been at your hotel when Aviva and Reid got to Carole's house. You should have come to Carole's when you were all done with your topless antics. Because no one needed or wanted to see that. But you were making a point. This was a girls' trip - according to you. Carole made no secret about the fact that Russ was going to be around. You could have asked Mario to come along but you didn't want to - maybe because you wanted alone time with Sonja (no problem!), but again, YOUR CHOICE. I'm pretty sick of hearing you say that Reid was going to ruin the vibe of the trip because here's what: YOU are ruining the vibe of the trip. Between you and Sonja not keeping your hands off each other, you constantly running your mouth about every little thing, including Luann and Tomas, and let's not forget drinking and drinking and drinking ... you're no picnic! Did you ever stop to think that maybe it's none of your business who brings their boyfriends or husbands along for the trip? First of all, it's not your trip - you didn't organize it. Second, you can invite your husband to join you. And third, you can leave. Which you should have done. You and Sonja go to your other hotel/resort/whatever, and have your own girls trip and shut the eff up already. Also, I would commend you for apologizing to Aviva but then you had to say in your confessional/interview that you just did it to placate her and then you wanted to move her seat at dinner. So none of it was genuine. You weren't sorry and you still aren't. I don't think you're white trash, Ramona, but I do think you're extremely rude and selfish. Ramona's grade for the week: F (for so many things, it's not even funny).

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