Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Out of Order

I'm not going to blog about Watch What Happens Live every week, but Sunday's episode with Perez Hilton and Teresa Giudice warrants a blog.

Here's why:

Teresa said Joe Giudice was talking to his driver on the phone in the Napa episode where he called her a "bitch" and another disgusting word I won't repeat. Then she said he was talking to a worker. Oh my God. Can we say "DENIAL"??? Let's be real. He was NOT talking to his driver or a worker or anyone work-related. That was clearly a conversation with a woman. His tone, his choice of words, all of it points to the fact that it was a woman on the other end of that phone call. And I have a big problem with her stating that it was anyone other than a woman because the fact is - she has no idea who it was. None of us do. Joe Giudice is not going to tell her the truth, so she shouldn't have said anything about it. Now, she looks terribly dumb for believing her husband A) couldn't remember calling her those names and B) somehow remembers exactly who he was talking to at the time. Come the f*ck on. And, to top it off, she says he "made up for it" with diamonds. Barf. Teresa, why must you infuriate me so???

I was glad to see Perez apologize to Sarah Jessica Parker as requested by Andy because he was really brutal with her back in the day. I think Perez does see where he was wrong in the past, and he has changed his website a lot. It is still gossip, but not nearly as mean-spirited as before. I like that Andy had him on and they were able to have a good conversation even though they don't see eye to eye on everything. See, this is how adults behave.

Back to Teresa. She was slamming Lauren and Al Manzo for having lap band surgery while congratulating Perez on losing weight naturally. Period. It was a "joke", but again, it was clearly a dig at people that she's no longer friends with. WHY??? Why even go there??? Why not just congratulate Perez and leave it at that? This is exactly why people can't stand Teresa. The horse is dead and buried and she digs it up and beats it again. Get over the Manzos, Teresa. Stop talking about them and then pretending you didn't - we've all been to high school. This kind of bullsh*t just shows that you're still not 100% over the Manzos and you will continue to slam them every chance you get. Not very mature, huh?

The After Show was not great, but if you want to check it out, here you go.

And a quick note about the Real Housewives of New Jersey: Bravo, WTF??? How dare you show these shows out of order and purposely give the audience a skewed view of how all of these events unfolded??? How are we supposed to have a clear picture of the cast when you deliberately air portions of footage that happened out of sequence? This is not fair to your cast or your audience. We deserve to see things as they truly happened, not in the order that best serves your "storylines". This is crazy. And if you continue to shoot/film/air the show like you did this season, I cannot and will not watch.

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