Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RHONJ Finale and Reunion Previews

Well kids, here we are at the end of another shit-tastic season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I have to say the grand finale fell completely flat for me. I kept waiting for the "set up" and, like Kelly Ripa said on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, it never came. So what, a guy at a party says hi to Melissa and asks if she remembers him. That I know of, he didn't lunge at her and grab the mic and proclaim to the crowd that she was a stripper, did he? Did I miss that part? I mean, when someone says "set up", I'm picturing Goodfellas/Godfather caliber stuff. This wasn't even Goodfeathers. You 90s kids know what I'm talking about.

I hate to even entertain this ridiculous "set up" bullshit because here's what, I have a terrible feeling that this was all some idiot producer's idea. Seriously. It is so convenient that they dug up Angelo the Asshole and partnered him with halfwit Kim D - probably the only two people on Earth stupid enough (or desperate enough for camera time) to agree to this. As for Teresa being in on it, who knows. She looked genuinely confused (not uncommon for her, let's be real) and really didn't seem to enjoy any of this. I do think she should have called Melissa as soon as Angelo talked to her at the salon and warned her that this guy was talking about her like that. With that creepy smile no less. Teresa said all the right things, "Don't talk about my family", for example. But that's really as far as she went with it. I saw her walking around trying to find people to confront, but again, conveniently, they weren't there.

That's why I think this wasn't Teresa's deal. Clearly, if it was, she wouldn't be able to contain her joy over some guy talking bad about her sister in law. Wait, wasn't she already doing that? So, what's the payoff again? Maybe something got screwed up and the plot didn't go as planned. I just want to see the blueprints. Because someone f*cked up.

Moving on to the other ladies (we'll get back to Teresa later), Melissa seemed way too calm when Teresa told her about her conversation with Angelo. Was it just me? Because I think I would have been a little more animated about that. In fact, she seemed almost annoyed that Teresa was sharing this information with her. Maybe because by that time, she had already been embarrassed? I don't know. That whole bathroom scene was so odd to me. I hate to say this, but what if - WHAT IF - Melissa already knew exactly who Angelo was and what he was saying??? Something about her response was so ... prepared. And THEN, she coaches Joe Gorga on what to say to his sister??? SO STUPID!!! I lost a lot of respect for her after that.

As for Caroline, it does not surprise me that she was jumping at the chance to blame Teresa for everything. Honestly, it makes sense. She and Lauren were having a blast reciting all the proof they had as to why Teresa had to have been behind this. And you know what? Fine. If it makes them feel better, go for it. I have no doubt in my mind that Teresa said Melissa was a stripper. She called her every other name in the book, so why not? It's not that far-fetched. However, I'm not sure Teresa is capable of pulling off this whole elaborate "set up". No shade, but shade. I will say, Caroline should have never showed Melissa the texts on Jacqueline's phone. First of all, she says she has no time for drama, but then she becomes an active participant in it by showing Melissa texts on someone else's phone. So, Caroline should actually say, "I choose when and how to be involved in drama". That's more accurate.

Jacqueline should have just come out and read the texts to everyone. I was getting so annoyed with all the texting and looks and little comments. JUST SAY IT!! I don't care who Jacqueline's "source" was, she should have asked them if they intended for the set up to be so goddamn boring. That's what I want to know. I don't know who Teresa pissed off, but it just seemed like it was all orchestrated to make her look like this evil mastermind (which she's not - a mastermind, I mean - evil, maybe). The face off between Jacqueline and Teresa may have been the realest part of the show, because Teresa looked truly bewildered and Jacqueline had already decided that she wanted nothing to do with Teresa. I will commend Jacqueline on not turning it into a full blown catfight, because that's what it really could have turned into. Instead, she stood her ground and Teresa went back inside the party. Now, I can't be sure if the scenes of Teresa smiling and hugging people were filmed before or after the "set up". I don't trust Bravo and their editing anymore. This whole season has been marred by hack job editing. If the fashion show happened before Teresa's Fabellini party, show us that! It makes so much more sense!

A final word on Kim D. Which "big boys" are you talking about? Angelo? Because, he seems like a big nobody, just like you.

I watched the previews of the Reunion and it just made me sad. In a way, I want the ladies to get it all out on the table, no matter how ugly it is so we can all move on. But, on the other hand, I am not looking forward to how ugly it's going to be. Teresa is obviously going after everyone just like last season's Reunion, and they're all coming for her. I would say it's time for all of the ladies to forgive, but that isn't reality. The reality is, they went on a reality show together and it ruined their relationships with each other forever.

I'm begging Bravo, Andy Cohen, and everyone reading this - get new New Jersey Housewives. Let Teresa have her cookbooks and her Fabellinis. Let Caroline have her radio show. Let Jacqueline be an Autism advocate. Let Melissa have her dance songs. Let Kathy have her dessert line. All of these ladies have accomplished something on this show. It's time to say goodbye for good to this cast. We need all new ladies who aren't mired in decades-long grudges, who can have arguments, but come back together and have fun as a group. We need the light to balance out the dark. If it's all dark, it's not entertaining, it's sad. The drama is only good when there's real friendships there to lift us back up. This is the basis of the entire Housewives franchise. Get back to that.

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