Friday, February 1, 2013

If Anyone Is Gonna Stab Someone ... - GG - Shahs of Sunset

Well, when it comes to this week's Shahs of Sunset, there's really only one thing to discuss (ok maybe a couple but one really big thing) - THAT DINNER! THE KNIFE! OMG! I can't believe next week is the season finale and there are so many unresolved issues with this group. The Reunion cannot get here fast enough. So let's jump into the grades.

GG: I LOVED your scene with the therapist. This is the kind of scene I want to see from you every single week. With that being said, why did you go get that knife at dinner? Were you thinking it would shock Omid into calming down? I need clarification. I'm also mystified as to why you would blatantly ignore Asa like that. All you had to do was say hello and be civil. As a sign of good faith that you were there to make peace. By you ignoring her like that it set a negative tone between you and her, and as we saw on the preview for next week, your conversation with her does not go well. GG's grade for the week: D (she did great in therapy but I need to know why she ignored Asa and then pulled the knife out).

MJ: The scenes with your mom were so emotional, but also ended up being very uplifting. I really hope you two are in a better place now. The therapist spelled it out for your mother in such a beautiful way - I just loved all of that communication. The boot camp scene with Mike and Reza was hilarious! And you look awesome - don't let anyone tell you that you don't. Women would kill to have a bust like yours (and mine) - big busted girl power! LOL! I gotta talk about the dinner - you really stepped up and tried to stop the insanity. I'm proud of you for being such a good friend. MJ's grade for the week: A (this is the MJ I love!).

Lilly: First of all, I am so sorry that Ali's friend found it necessary to come into YOUR place of business and tell YOU why you're not married. It was complete bullshit. You're a successful businesswoman and you have nothing to be ashamed about. If Ali can't tell you to your face that your business embarrasses him, that's a huge red flag. I say, walk away from Ali and cut ties with "friends" that don't support you. You're doing nothing wrong by pursuing your goals. If other people have a problem with it, it's exactly that - THEIR problem. It was cool of you to come to the dinner and it looked like you were getting along with everyone, so that made me happy. Lilly's grade for the week: A (stay strong, sister!).

Asa: I felt for you in the scene at the studio, I can't even imagine how nervous you were. But hopefully the song comes out great and Persiapalooza is a success. I can't wait to see how your performance goes next week. Regarding GG, you were standing there and she totally ignored you. That would have pissed me off, too. Some people just aren't meant to be friends. Life goes on. You're smart to focus on what you're doing and leave all that in the past. Asa's grade for the week: A (she's justified in not caring to associate with GG anymore).

Mike: You actually kind of scared me this week because I could see the rage you had for Omid. It was crazy. I'm glad you didn't fight him because nothing good would have come of it. You two would have continued to talk shit about each other after anyway. I hated seeing you that angry, Omid's not worth it. Moving on, it was cool of you to be Reza and MJ's personal trainer for the day. Maybe you should do a workout DVD!!! Mike's grade for the week: C (he let his anger get the best of him, but at least it didn't get physical).

Reza: No good deed goes unpunished, and you found that out firsthand this week. I mean, you did great getting everyone together. But no one would have guessed that good old Omid was gonna be the one to fuck everything up. I'm proud of you for communicating with GG and letting her know that you're there for her. It could have ended up so much better if Omid hadn't been there. Reza's grade for the week: A (he really tried to get things back on track).

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