Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ok - I'm going to cut right to the chase - I met Kathy Griffin tonight.

Let me repeat that. I met Emmy winner Kathy Griffin tonight.

It was so amazing!!! First of all, I have to thank Team Griffin and I won the meet & greet through and it was honestly one of the most exciting moments of my life. So unbelievably cool ...

So I won the meet & greet and the email said to arrive an hour early and go to the box office to get our backstage passes. Which we did and we were informed that we were not going to be given backstage passes but once the doors opened we should go to the merch table and they would help us there. Doors opened, we went to the merch table and I politely said, "We were told to come here and check in for the meet & greet ..." The girl looked at me and said something about not knowing what I was talking about. So I go back to the box office and tell the gentleman behind the glass that the merch maidens are clueless, to which they responded (somewhat annoyed) to go wait *by* the merch table.

Finally a nice man came and gave us our wristband. It was all so exciting. Everyone was really friendly and it was like we were all part of some special club ... which we kind of were. A few minutes later we were being lead over to the dressing room. As we walked through the lobby area people were staring at our wristbands, seething with jealousy!

We end up backstage, and we all line up by couple (winner plus guest). My sister and I were in the middle of the pack and we could hear Kathy saying hello to the people who entered before us (and Tiffany's infectious, contagious laughter). Finally it was our turn, and I honestly thought I was going to cry.

(Let me just go on a little tangent here - Kathy is one of my heroes. She is truly an inspiration to me. I'll spare you the mushy stuff and just say that I really admire her and what she does.)

Kathy said hello and asked us our names. I told her and hugged her and thanked her for letting us meet her. I even hugged Tiffany! Tiffany then took some pictures of us with our cameras and we chatted quickly with Kathy as she signed my book and my sister's ticket stub. Kathy was so gracious, kind, and sweet. She asked us how we won the meet and greet, and asked me to post the pictures on her website (which I will be doing shortly - Kathy told us to laugh at her jokes and said goodbye, and out the door we went. But not before I freaked out and thought I lost my camera, which was hanging from my wrist LOL! I think my words were, "Oh my god, I'm such a spaz!" And we went out to our seats.

The show was hilarious!! It's kind of a blur now, but she touched on several celebrity encounters, reality tv, silly politicians, and much much more. Kathy showed Fresno so much love! She talked about the drive from LA, shopping at one of the many Fresno Target stores, and eating beerrocks ... which are like meaty hot pockets. Kathy was warm, engaging, and totally inappropriate. I really enjoyed it.

Even if I hadn't won the meet & greet, I still would have had a great time. Kathy has a way of making you feel like we're all just hanging out having fun. She encourages the audience to let her know whether we're on board with her or not. Needless to say, we were all on board and prepared to take that 2 hour journey with her, no doubt about it.

Best show ever - Kathy is incredible! See her when she comes to your town!

Check out my twitter for pictures ( ... I still can't stop smiling!